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In webinar, we'll be joined by Olan O'Sullivan, CEO at TrekkSoft, and Jason Roe, CTO at TrekkSoft to discuss industry changes in 2018 and how TrekkSoft's technology will adapt to these changes. 


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About this webinar

During this webinar, we'll get an overview of all that's happened in the tour and activity sector in 2018 and discuss what this means for tour and activity companies in the year to come.

From big industry shifts in 2018 to the growing importance of B2B connectivity in the tours and activities sector, we'll discuss the potential implications this can have on your business and what TrekkSoft plans to do to keep our customers at the top of their game.

Come expecting a lively discussion and insights from industry experts that will give you an edge in 2019.

What attendees of said of previous webinars:

"Super helpful!" - Experience PEI [attended 7 Steps to Attract More Customers and Grow Your Business]

"I just loved this webinar, thank you Marcelo and Nicole!" - Wave Expectations [attended SEO in 2018]

"Thank you very much for your time today ladies, very informative session :)" - AlbBnb [attended 2018 Travel Trends]

"Thank you for the webinar. I found some good pieces of advice!" - AbbyVille [attended Content That Converts]

About the speakers


Olan O'Sullivan is TrekkSoft's CEO, building a company and product that makes tours and activities bookable worldwide.



Jason Roe is our CTO at TrekkSoft, working with our developers and product managers to build a great product and improve user experience.


Nicole Kow - Content and Product

Nicole Kow is part of TrekkSoft's marketing team, creating content that enhances the TrekkSoft experience.

TrekkSoft webinars feature expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the marketing, business and industry lessons that help tour and activity companies succeed. 

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