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7 steps to attract more customers and grow your business 


 To grow your business, you need to start thinking about implementing systems and processes to attract and serve a larger customer base.


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About this webinar

In this workshop, we’ll hear from Joshua Oakes, founder of the Sunshine Tribe and former owner of a thriving tour business. Having started, run and sold his own tour business for 7 figures, Josh now shares practical knowledge and tips, as well as coaches other operators to help them replicate his success.

Topics we cover:

  • Analysing your tours
  • Defining your customers
  • Simple processes for success
  • Budgeting and financial tools
  • Outsourcing masterplan
  • and more!

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About the speakers


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Josh Oakes and his wife founded a day tour company back in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. They had no experience in tourism, no experience in business, no networks, no support and no cash. After 2 years of 60 hour weeks, they were taking home $30,000 a year and had nearly given up.

7 years later, they grew that business to $2 million plus in annual revenue, before selling it in 2017 for 7 figures. They achieved this while creating a great lifestyle where they worked remotely, travelled regularly, enjoyed all the things they love about life and empowered others to run their businesses too.

Josh and his wife recently launched The Sunshine Tribe to help other tour and activity operators build amazing businesses and create awesome lives for themselves.



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She graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Psychology, Marketing and Management.

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