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Free course- Increase booking conversion rates


In this course, we'll share lessons learnt from building and optimising TrekkSoft's website for conversions. Find out what our top tips are from our in-house marketing team and learn how to implement these tips for your own website. 


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For tour and activity operators, and destination companies

About this webinar

Lucy and Nicole have spent the last two years building and optimising TrekkSoft's website. Since then, site traffic has grown by 300% while blog traffic has grown by 1400%. 

Overall, 1 in 2 new visitors engage with our content, whether that's downloading an ebook, a checklist or even signing up for this webinar. If you want solid steps to steadily grow your site, get more bookings and if you're not into quick win "hacks", this webinar is for you. 

This webinar is aimed at tour and activity operators who want to get more bookings on their website. We’ll show you how to improve your user experience and measure conversion rates with free tools.

We'll cover:

  • Tips to improve website user experience across platforms
  • How to optimise your calls-to-action and booking forms
  • Using Google Analytics to measure website conversions
  • What to measure to make sure you're accurately tracking conversions
  • Best practice tips from Lucy, our Head of Inbound Content
  • Best practice tips from Barbra, our Lead Designer

What attendees of said of previous webinars:

"I just loved this webinar, thank you Marcelo and Nicole!" - Wave Expectations [attended SEO in 2018]

"Great answers, thanks a lot. You're amazing!" - Tour Bookers [attended SEO in 2018]

"Thank you very much for your time today ladies, very informative session :)" - AlbBnb [attended 2018 Travel Trends]

"Thank you for the webinar. I found some good pieces of advice!" - AbbyVille [attended Content That Converts]

About the speakers

Lucy Fuggle - Head of Inbound Marketing

Lucy Fuggle has been Head of Inbound Content at TrekkSoft for the last two years and authored hundreds of blog articles and several resources, including our Travel Trends Reports, Destination Research Report, and Distribution Research Report.

Outside of work, she goes on solo trips to the mountains and the Arctic and writes about them on lucyfuggle.com.


Nicole Kow - Content and Product

Nicole Kow is part of TrekkSoft's marketing team, focusing on creating content that enhances the TrekkSoft experience. She has hosted multiple webinars, written more than 160 blog articles, authored two ebooks, created an email course and more. 

She graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Psychology, Marketing and Management, and dreams of going to Peru this 2018.

TrekkSoft webinars feature expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the marketing, business and industry lessons that help tour and activity companies succeed. 

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