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Success together through 

Partner Networks

A webinar for tour and activity businesses and other tourism professionals


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This webinar was recorded on June 28th 2017 and rerunned on December 19th 2017

From who?
For who?

For tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.

About this Webinar

"As a tour or activity operator, working collectively is a highly effective way to achieve your goals. As a single business your voice is not so loud, but as a group you can pack a powerful punch. Whether it's talking to other tour operators, local government or your tourism board, you can achieve a lot more collectively than as individuals." Olan O'Sullivan- VP of Marketing at TrekkSoft

In this webinar, we'll discuss how you and your partners can connect and sell each other's activities via TrekkSoft feature "Partner Network". We will also bring up why you should use this feature and moreover, how it can benefit your business. 

What you will learn

  • How you and your partners can connect with each other and sell each other's tour & activities via TrekkSoft.
  • Why working collectively can be beneficial for you.
  • Best practices to Partner Networks.


About the speaker


For this webinar we have the honor to have Marcelo Piedra as our expert speaker. Originally from Costa Rica, Marcelo now works as a Senor Account Manager for TrekkSoft, and focuses mainly on our Norwegian customers. As one of our initial members of the cusomer success team he is a guy to go to when it comes to questions and inside tips regarding the TrekkSoft software. This is why he is an ideal speaker to our community webinars.

When Marcelo is not working, he is an active guy who gladly spend time doing outdoor activities or running. He calls himself a "retired surfer who loves do enjoy coffee made from self roasted beans." 

TrekkSoft's Community Webinars feature inhouse expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the latest insights that help tour and activity companies succeed. Join this session with Marcelo Piedra to find out how partners can help you get a kick-start to your online sales.

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