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The future of consumer travel booking

Traveller booking habits are changing quickly, accelerated by technology. They're online 24/7 researching destinations and things to do, and planning they're next trip even as you read this paragraph. 

In this webinar, we'll share data and research gathered from processing over 1.6 million tour & activity bookings and surveying 958 participants in the tourism industry in December 2018.

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This webinar was recorded on the 17th of January 2019.

From who?
For who?

For tour & activity companies interested in using technology to connect with consumers from around the world.

About this webinar

In our popular 2019 Travel Trends Report, we found that while consumer preferences continue to evolve, so do their travel booking habits for tours & activities.

With data gathered from bookings processed via TrekkSoft, as well as qualitative survey responses gathered from tour companies around the world, we'll show you when and where your customers are booking their next trip. 

Lastly, we'll discuss how tour and activity companies can get ready for this shift in consumer booking to ensure your every success in 2019.

Got a question for the speakers? Send it to nicole@trekksoft.com if you'd like us to discuss it during the live webinar! 

What attendees of said of previous webinars:

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"I just loved this webinar, thank you Marcelo and Nicole!" - Wave Expectations [attended SEO in 2018]

"Thank you very much for your time today ladies, very informative session :)" - AlbBnb [attended 2018 Travel Trends]

"Thank you for the webinar. I found some good pieces of advice!" - AbbyVille [attended Content That Converts]

About the speakers




Stephanie Kutschera is the Head of Marketing at TrekkSoft. She has worked in marketing for over 8 years in various business sectors across the UK. She loves exploring and taking part in tours and activities around the world.




Franziska Wernet is Marketing and Project Manager at TrekkSoft. She has worked in the tourism and tech industry for over 6 years. Besides hiking, she loves outdoor and culinary experiences. 

Nicole Kow - Content and Product

Nicole Kow is part the Product Marketing Lead at TrekkSoft, creating content and communication that enhances the TrekkSoft experience. She loves exploring and cooking so feel free to send over your favourite recipes!

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