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EN_Webinar - How to diversify your distribution - Musement webinar

How to diversify your distribution with Musement and TrekkSoft

Get the latest insights into the travel market and learn how to build a diverse distribution strategy to get in front of the right audience.

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This workshop was recorded on the 23rd of May 2018.

From who?
For who?

For tour and activity providers, and destination companies

About this workshop

Common sense will tell you never to put all your eggs in one basket, which is why it’s important that businesses do not rely heavily on a single channel to bring in bookings.

In this webinar with Musement, we share the latest insights into the travel market to help you create a diverse distribution strategy that gets you in front of the right audience.

Access this session to understand the pros and cons of working with OTAs, and learn how to use TrekkSoft’s platform to offer real-time availability and reduce admin, all while you increase bookings.

During the workshop, we discuss:

  • Booking trends and consumer travel trends
  • Why and how to diversify your distribution
  • Benefits of working with Musement
  • Your questions!

About Musement

Founded in 2013, Musement helps travellers get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions, all bookable on multiple devices. More than just "things to do", their offers include temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities. Travellers use the site for planning and their app for on-the-go decisions with hints and tips from local experts.

What attendees said:

"👍by the way with offering webinar... Keep it relevant!" - Island Gems 

"Great stuff guys. Great value!" - Dream Team Avo

"THANK YOU!" - Enjoy The Journey 

About the speakers



Nicole is part of TrekkSoft's marketing team. She has hosted multiple webinars, written more than 160 blog articles, authored three ebooks and more. 




Ana is a Product Manager at TrekkSoft and is responsible for working with the developers to build the best booking system for tour and activity providers. 




Dina is the Key Account Manager for Central & Eastern Europe at Musement and manages suppliers who work with the platform.


Laura from Musement


Laura is the Key Account Manager for Italy at Musement, also working closely with suppliers who use the platform.



Daniel from Musement


Daniel is a Content Manager at Musement, focusing on technical content for consumers and suppliers.

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