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Getting Intelligent about
your Business

A webinar for tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.

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This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 26 July 2017

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For tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.

About this Webinar

Have you ever wondered who your customers are? Where they come from? or how they found your website? Maybe you want to know what activities are performing the best? Business Intelligence is the answer to your questions and we are here to explain how. 

Business Intelligence can be your sleeve up the arm to being one step ahead of your market and helps you make more informed business decisions. Based on information gathered from your website, you can get to know your customers better, maximise your marketing efforts and be where your customers are. 

You already have it all there, we will show you how to use it! 

What you will learn:

  • Why Business Intelligence is important to tour & activity providers.
  • How knowing your business better can help you improve your marketing efforts.
  • And much more...  

About the guest speaker


Ana Mora comes from Madrid, although, she has been living in Boston, Rotterdam, and Cyprus (and now Switzerland), so she likes to say that she is a little bit from everywhere. Ana is one of the Product Managers at TrekkSoft, but you probably know her as our community manager. She has been a product manager for almost two years now but still thinks she mostly learns something new every day. She loves the way it keeps her brain active! 

When Ana is not working for TrekkSoft she loves reading, traveling and watching series!

TrekkSoft's Community Webinars feature inhouse expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the latest insights that help tour and activity companies succeed. Watch this recording with Ana Mora and get to know how to get intelligent about your business.

Watch the recording