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How to recruit and train extraordinary guides
 How to recruit and train extraordinary guides  


 In this workshop, our guest speaker, Kelsey Tonner, will share 11 helpful tips to help you recruit the right people and train them up to become extraordinary guides who deliver extraordinary experiences. 


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For businesses interested in recruiting, training and retaining great guides for every season. 

About this webinar

Your tours and activities are only as great as your guides. To deliver outstanding and memorable experiences, you need to have the right people on your team to represent your brand and your business. 

In this workshop, Kelsey Tonner, founder of the Be A Better Guide Project, will share his top tips for tour and activity businesses to recruit great people and practical ways to train them to become extraordinary guides.

Topics we'll cover:

  • How to write the perfect job description
  • Why you should create an 'Ideal Staff Avatar' and how it will help you recruit your dream employees
  • Effectively using referral bonuses: Do’s and Don'ts
  • 7 foolproof ideas for where to post your job advertisement
  • The most important thing you need to teach new guides
  • 5 common mistakes companies make when mentoring new staff
  • and more!

As with all our workshops, there will be a dedicated time for you to ask Kelsey all your questions. 

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What attendees said or previous workshops:

"Please keep on doing such sessions!" - Delonix Travel & Tours [attended How to Increase Booking Conversion Rates]

"I just loved this webinar, thank you Marcelo and Nicole!" - Wave Expectations [attended SEO in 2018]

"Great answers, thanks a lot. You're amazing!" - Tour Bookers [attended SEO in 2018]

About the speakers




Kelsey Tonner is an experienced, global tour guide and founder of the Be a Better Guide Project, bringing together tour guides and tour operators from around the world to learn from one another. His mission is to help anyone, anywhere, create extraordinary experiences for travellers.

With over ten years experience in the industry, he has led trips in over fifteen different countries from Europe to the Americas and from Asia to North Africa. In 2015 Kelsey was chosen from thousands as one of eight short-listed guides for the Wanderlust World Guide Awards.

With practical yet wisecracking advice, Kelsey inspires a global community of professional tour leaders and businesses to give people memories of a lifetime, and helps them earn more money while doing it. 



Nicole Kow is part of TrekkSoft's marketing team, focusing on creating content that enhances the TrekkSoft experience. She has written more than 160 blog articles, authored two ebooks, created an email course and more. 

She graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Psychology, Marketing and Management. She's currently working remotely from Eugene, Oregon.

TrekkSoft webinars feature expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the marketing, business and industry lessons that help tour and activity companies succeed. 

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