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Sell everywhere using different booking tools

A webinar for tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.

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This webinar was recorded on23 August 2017

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For tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.


About this Webinar

Imagine being able to sell and take bookings wherever you are, in your office, through your agents and partners, and when you are out and about. Using booking tools that allow you to take bookings on-the-go can mean the freedom you always wished you had. It can also help you boost over-the-counter or agent sales, improve efficiency and leverage quality of your service.

In this webinar, we talk about how you can sell everywhere using different booking tools, and the benefits the different tools can have for you as a tour and activity provider. We discuss different types of booking tools and platforms you can use and how they can give you advantage in a competitive market. 

Key discussion points

  • How using different booking tools can help you sell everywhere
  • What you can do to boost your over-the-counter and agent sales
  • Different selling tools and how you can benefit from using them

About the guest speaker


Joining us for this webinar as guest speaker is TrekkSoft’s Account Manager Charif Hakim. Charif is originally from Lebanon and currently working remotely from Beirut. 

Every day he is working hard to provide TrekkSoft's users a better experience and helping out to solve big a well as small issues that our customers might have. His knowledge of the software makes him an expert candidate to guide us through the different selling tools that TrekkSoft provides, and he has promised to give us some of his best tips and tricks on the topic.

TrekkSoft's Community Webinars feature inhouse expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the latest insights that help tour and activity companies succeed. Watch this recording with Charif Hakim and learn what different booking tools you can use to be able to sell everywhere.

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