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How to work with incoming tour operators (1)

How to work with 

Incoming Tour Operators


In this workshop, we'll learn all about the role of an incoming tour operator, what they look for in suppliers and how to build a profitable and sustainable partnership with them. 


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This workshop was recorded on the 28th May 2018.

From who?
For who?

For tour and activity providers looking for new distribution channels to grow their business.

About this workshop

For this live session, we'll be joined by three top incoming tour operators in Norway to understand how an incoming tour operator works and how they work with suppliers to promote a region.

In this session, we'll discuss:

  • The role of incoming tour operators
  • What they look for when partnering with suppliers
  • Learn how to position your products to get promoted 
  • How TrekkSoft's technology can make it easy to share real-time inventory

What previous attendees have said about our workshops:

"Thank you for this, very good overview. Have a great day." - En Primorc [attended How to Increase Booking Conversion Rates]

"Please keep on doing such sessions!" - Delonix Travel & Tours [attended How to Increase Booking Conversion Rates]

"I just loved this webinar, thank you Marcelo and Nicole!" - Wave Expectations [attended SEO in 2018]

"Great answers, thanks a lot. You're amazing!" - Tour Bookers [attended SEO in 2018]

About our speakers 

Up Norway logo 2

Henriette Bendikson from Up Norway

Up Norway wants to make it easy for travellers to find the perfect experience in Norway.


Norway Insight

Anne Gunn Rosvold from Norway Insight.

Norway Insight offers activities in and around the Bergen area. Their mission is to deliver safe, environmentally friendly and inspiring activities.


Norway Adventures

Anne van Oorschot from Norway Adventures

Norway AdvenTURes started 13 years ago and aims to offer the ultimate nature experience in Norway to travellers from all over the world.



Viktor Sobor is part of the TrekkSoft team and has worked with these companies to set up their TrekkSoft system to take, manage and process bookings, streamlining the business relationship between ITOs and suppliers. 



Nicole Kow is part of TrekkSoft's marketing team, creating content that enhances the TrekkSoft experience. She's hosted multiple webinars, written over 160 blog articles, authored two ebooks, created an email course and more.  

Note: This workshop is hosted by TrekkSoft and is completely free. 
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