How can I use TrekkSoft?

There are two main ways to use TrekkSoft:

1) Build a brand new website with one of our templates using the Website Builder

2) Integrate the booking software onto your existing website (e.g. WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix…)


Who is TrekkSoft NOT built for?

Our software was built to maximise conversions from browsers to booked customers, across multiple channels like your website, partner or reseller websites. We also provide tools for you to connect with agents, resellers and marketplaces.

We are NOT built for:

1) Companies looking for marketing or advertising services

2) Companies looking for an appointment/scheduling system, we do a lot more.

3) Companies that exclusively work with customised itineraries.

4) Companies that need a GDS system for flights and hotels, CRM or shopping cart features for merchandise like T-shirts and physical goods.


How much does it cost to use TrekkSoft?

TrekkSoft offers multiple subscription packages, charged on a bi-annual or annual basis. Find more information on our Pricing page.


How do I get paid?

All payments with TrekkSoft go through TrekkPay, our unique payment gateway. As a merchant, you can decide if you want your TrekkPay payouts to be made on a monthly or weekly basis.


Do you take a commission?

Yes. Our transaction fees start at 3.25% + €0.50 for our payment gateway. Our offline booking fee is capped at €0.60 per booking and our online booking fee is between 2-3%. We are open to negotiations depending on your annual booking volume.


Why do you charge a transaction fee on top of a subscription fee?

The subscription fees cover your onboarding, training and integration costs, as well as costs for additional support you might need when using TrekkSoft for your business. We charge this only when you start using our booking software

The online and offline transaction fees cover the costs to process and store a booking. We decided it would be fair to only charge merchants when they use our booking service, rather than including the cost into our subscription packages from the start.


Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. You can use our TrekkSoft App to run your business on the go. You can carry your office in your pocket. We offer an app for iOS and Android.


What if my internet gets disconnected?

Since our booking software displays real-time availability and capacity, it is necessary for your device (i.e. laptop, computer, mobile or tablet) to be connected to the internet for you to take and manage your booking. If your device is disconnected, wait for a few minutes, or until the internet connection is back on, then try again.


Can I link my personal domain to a TrekkSoft page?

Yes, this can be done very easily. You'll need to add a CNAME record to the domain name settings (DNS) of your website's address. Once that’s done, you can direct traffic to your TrekkSoft page without switching to your given TrekkSoft URL. Please speak to your Account Manager for more information.


Do you offer training and support?

Once you sign up with TrekkSoft, we provide support and training to speed up the set-up process. The time it takes to get your system up and running depends on the number of products you would like to upload, and the time you’re prepared to invest into learning about the software. Ideally, you’d be up and running within 7 days.