How long does it take to create a TrekkSoft page?

The signup process only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Editing your tours is very easy and takes no longer than a few minutes.


What is the difference between Trekksoft and any other online payment solution?

TrekkSoft offers an integrated solution specifically designed for tour operators. Compared to our competitors, we offer the ability to individualize your TrekkSoft page. Further, we offer our very own payment gateway that makes you independent from any payment service provider. TrekkSoft is the only solution that can provide you directly with an online booking and payment process that wires money into your account all within a couple of minutes after setting up the page.


What are the costs of using TrekkSoft?

TrekkSoft offers multiple subscription packages, more information can be found here. We think it's important to have clear and predictable pricing, and there's no setup fee at all. There's also no bank fee on our end, but external bank fees may be charged depending on your payment gateway (eg. PayPal). Billing is in USD for all countries. 

What is a payment service provider (PSP)?

A payment service provider takes care of the payment from your customers and gives you the ability to accept online payments. By this process, you have to register for this provider and pay additional fees. However, TrekkSoft provides the capability to integrate your existing PSP into the software. If you do not have a PSP, we recommend choosing the direct solution that TrekkSoft offers.


Why does TrekkSoft integrate a payment gateway?

We believe that you will generate more turnover if your customers can book and pay directly in one seamless process. Therefore, our payment service offers the ability to provide you with this single process that makes it possible to receive payments to your bank account within seven days after every transaction.


How do I get paid?

By choosing the TrekkSoft Gateway, you will get your money paid out to your bank account weekly according to the transaction date.  For example, a Thai diving excursion provider, which sells its tours in March, with an execution date in July, will effectively benefit from his money in “real time”,  in March. By choosing your own PSP, you will get the money based on your own contracts and the conditions within this contract. By choosing PayPal, you eventually get your money on your bank account directly. Please see the significant restrictions of PayPal and check whether your country falls under this restrictions.


How long does it take until I receive my money?

For administrative reasons, payouts are done once a week. So you receive your payments within at least seven days after your customer booked a trip. For example, if  a customer booked in March for a trip in September, you will receive the money in March.


How will I integrate TrekkSoft in my existing business?

We recommend integrating TrekkSoft step by step, so you will get to know one feature at a time. A first step can be to integrate TrekkSoft as a booking and payment solution through a simple link on your webpage. Therefore, after you sign up and accept our TOS (terms of service), you can put a link or a TrekkSoft button on your website.


How does TrekkSoft help improve my revenues?

TrekkSoft builds the basis to sell your offerings online, which means that you can market your offerings on TrekkSoft. TrekkSoft offers links to the popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and gives you the ability to push your tours through those channels. Further you can implement different viral sales tools, such as the partner tool, or the agent desk. See also Features of TrekkSoft


Can I link my personal domain to a TrekkSoft page?

Yes, this can be done very easily. We support sub-domain mapping through the administration panel of TrekkSoft. You will just then need to create a CNAME record using the tools provided by your domain register.


Can I integrate TrekkSoft into my existing website?

Absolutely – We have several options to integrate TrekkSoft into your website. If you are using Wordpress or Joomla as a CMS (content management system), we provide a special plugin for the integration. If you are using any other CMS, you could integrate TrekkSoft using an iFrame or pure HTML code. All these options may be chosen via the administration panel after sign-up.


What if I have to reimburse my customers?

If there is an issue with your customers in which you decide to reimburse them, we can do that for you. TrekkSoft generates a list of all the refunds from your transactions; however, only refunds authenticated by you are added to this list. If you are using the TrekkSoft Gateway, the refund list is automatically submitted and the customer is refunded via the credit card used for booking. If you are using your own PSP or PayPal, you have to manually process the refunds in the PSP Backend or PayPal Backend based on the Refund List generated by TrekkSoft.


What if I still want to integrate offline bookings?

There is a very smal charge for bookings completed offline which depends on your susbcription plan. You can see the fee here: TrekkSoft can be used as a desk software as well, and is a powerful suite of administrator tools that generate reports; track turnover, cash-flow and commission; and send invoices to agents and resellers.


What is the TrekkSoft Partner Network?

The Partner Network allows any company using TrekkSoft to cross-sell their products with other TrekkSoft companies. For example, if you share a tour on TrekkSoft, another TrekkSoft company can offer another stop along your tour, and you directly add value to your own product. Because this is a commission based business, selling other tours within your tour can generate high commissions.


How can I integrate my existing resellers into TrekkSoft?

Our Agent Tool can give access to your account to other agents, including your resellers, so they can book through your TrekkSoft account. You can also give your resellers access to the Agent Code, which allows them to give discounts or agent commission based on their sales.