How to appeal to the growing millennial travel market

A webinar for tour operators, activity providers and destination management organisations


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This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 26 April, 2017. 

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Tour operators, activity providers and destination management organisations.

About this webinar

Millennials are changing the face of the travel industry. Many people think of millennials as 15-year-olds with a Snapchat addiction, but the reality is in three years we will have 40-year-old millennials.

Marketing to millennials is essential for the travel industry. Millennials are 23 percent more likely to travel abroad than older counterparts. Millennials also budget more for entertainment and vacations. In fact, millennials will spend $1.4 trillion on travel each year by 2020.

The key learning points

  • Empirically validated research findings from three international studies will illustrate the values of millennial travelers
  • Leveraging socially conscious and experience based travel
  • The role of smartphones in the travel experience
  • Effective content marketing strategies
  • And much more...

About the Author

Meg Cale

Meg Cale is a travel influencer and community educator. After finishing her MPA and research practicum, she moved to South Korea and started her blog and the rest is history. Four years and hundreds of thousands of pageviews later, Meg now focuses on the intersections of travel, culture, and new media. Meg’s first book, “Slacktivist: Using Digital Media to Create Change” will be released in 2017. Meg’s subject matter expertise has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Go Magazine, Out Traveler, Gay Star News, Matador Network, Elite Daily, Korea Observer, and India's The Quint.

Follow her on Instagram @MegCale or check out her blog

Join our webinar and learn how to successfully implement strategies to boost your business with the millennial market. We will be discussing the experience economy, content marketing techniques, and ways to entice millennials to book your services.

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