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Recording: Grow your reach  with Online Travel Marketplaces

A webinar for tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.

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This webinar was recorded on 1st November 2017

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For tour and activity operators, DMOs and other tourism professionals.


About this Webinar

You have taken that first step and made your business available online with your own website, great! Now it is time to reach those next heights by promoting your services even further with the help of online travel marketplaces. 

Marketplaces can connect your services to people that normally would not find your business, and convert them to new customers. 

Watch this webinar recording from 1st of November 2017, to learn what online travel marketplaces are and what benefits you can see if connecting to one.

Key discussion points

  • What is an online travel marketplace? and why should you use one? 
  • What different online travel marketplaces are there? 
  • Marketplace comparison: pros and cons 
  • TrekkSoft connection to marketplaces 

About the guest speaker


Joining us for this webinar as guest speaker is TrekkSoft Account Manager André Mühlemann. André is one of our seniors here at the company, maybe not by the age, but by the time he has been working at TrekkSoft. He was one of the first to join the customer success team in Interlaken and this makes him an experienced expert of the software.

When André is not guest speaking for the community webinars, he is a senior account manager (some of you might recognize him!). Originally from Brazil but has now switched the rainforest to the Salps. In his spare time, André is a real music lover and he likes to both listen to and play tunes.

TrekkSoft's Community Webinars feature inhouse expert speakers at the top of their game, bringing you the latest insights that help tour and activity companies succeed. Watch this recording with André Mühlemann to get a better understanding about online travel marketplaces.

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