The decision-making journey of travellers

The decision-making journey of travelers

A webinar for tour and activity operators, DMCs and tourism boards


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This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 12 April 

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Tour and activity operators, DMCs and tourism boards.

About this webinar

Today’s travellers are faced with more choices in where they go, where they stay, and what they do. For the tour operators in a decentralized industry, it's even more important to cut through the noise and reach the right traveler in the right way. But with so many competitors and so many experiences, how do you even begin?

Join our webinar and learn how travellers decide where to stay on vacation, and what that means for how to successfully reach your target audience and turn them into loyal advocates.

The key learning points

  • Insights from “Where they go. Why they stay. An Inside Look At Traveler Decision-Making,” a study by Sullivan and 20|20 Research
  • The importance of identifying your unique value proposition and ideal customer within the de-centralized and crowded tour operator market
  • The power of influencer and hotel partnerships to cross-promote and cross-market to shared audiences
  • The role of reviews in reaching the right customers
  • And much more...

About the guest speaker

Lauren Walsh Sullivan NYC

Lauren Walsh is CMO of brand engagement firm Sullivan where she leads marketing and new business development efforts for the firm. She joined Sullivan more than a decade ago as a brand strategist, working with some of Sullivan’s largest financial services and higher education clients to build brands and reach the people who mattered to them in compelling and effective ways.

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