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Published by Nelson Oduro | Feb 6, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Sailing company uses TrekkSoft to improve online sales

Lord Sheffield switches reservation systems to have more of an online presence.

Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures needed a booking solution that would garner the trust of customers, and improve their online presence. They tried a different service that led to modest sales, but they found that it required too much work to maintain it. When the opportunity came to evaluate other booking engines, it was evident that TrekkSoft would be the company for them to go with.

lordsheffieldLord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures is a hospitality-oriented company that provides exciting sailing, cruises and swimming experiences for guests visiting St. Maarten and the Caribbean. The company has been in operation since 2003. Robert Ash is a sailor who has been running Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures, the ship itself is a 72-foot square-rigged ship known as a  brigante. The company has also been gaining  notoriety for its BBQ food and extensive open bar they provide to guests while on the sailing trip.

Robert Ash has dreams of selling the company one day. In order for this to be possible the company needed a system that can be learned right away, so the transition will go smooth. Lord Sheffield needed a booking solution that is not too time consuming and didn’t require prior advanced knowledge of backends. “We started with a simple website when we started, and used oscommerce for quite a while, but it required us to support it.” Not everyone on the team had the same skill sets, and they did not want to scare away potential buyers with a difficult booking solution.

TrekkSoft was able to train Robert and the rest of the team in less than a week. They all got comfortable with the software and all of its features. Uploading tours, and making changes became so simple, that theylordsheffieldcrew didn't require as much man power as before. “Having this function outsourced to TrekkSoft eliminated some of the issues, we were having before, the booking engine did not require that much support.” TrekkSoft provided them with all the support they needed to get started, and they know they can reach out to TrekkSoft anytime. “I love the support team behind TrekkSoft, it is one on of the main reasons we chose them.” Now that a booking engine was in place that can sell multitask for them, they wanted their customers to feel safe on their site.

The team at Lord Sheffield did not want to be too involved in the sales process. Selling online means you have to have credibility with customers. Customers have to be willing to give you their credit card information and feel secure. Robert did not want to store this sensitive information, or be responsible for it. The customer is willing to pay if they feel secure, so a credible payment gateway was very important to the team.

TrekkSoft gave them the ability to accept online payments at anytime. TrekkSoft’s booking system and payment gateway saved them time and money by automating the process of  accepting real time bookings and payments. TrekkSoft has its own payment gateway, but for companies with their own Payment service provider, TrekkSoft can also integrate the world’s top payment service providers. “I don’t have to be involved in the sales process and I think customers are more willing to provide credit card information to Trekksoft.”

sheffieldgoodtimeBefore he ventured out on Lord Sheffield, Robert had a brilliant marketing career and has a strong background in the corporate world. This makes him a stickler for growth, and positive results. When asked about his numbers after switching to TrekkSoft Robert said, “I don't have the exact number on hand, but  I know that online bookings are significantly higher.” He plans to keep the numbers rising and utilize TrekkSoft more.

Robert and the rest of the team at Lord Sheffield are happy with their transition and want TrekkSoft to be their go to hub for everything, to take Lord Sheffield Tall Ship Adventures to places they have yet to charter!


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Published by Nelson Oduro
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