TrekkSoft partners with Fjord Norway to bring the Norwegian tour and activity market online

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Mar 1, 2016

We are excited to share that TrekkSoft has recently entered a partnership with Fjord Norway, the official tourist board of Western Norway. Fjord Norway's vision is to be the world’s number one destination for outdoor experience and adventure tourism, a key part of which will be to ensure that the local experiences used in branding are also bookable online.

Fjord Norway's partnership with TrekkSoft will greatly accelerate this process. Back in 2010, TrekkSoft was founded in order to transform Interlaken's local tourism industry. We succeeded in creating a close network of suppliers with online booking capacity, and now in 2016 this partnership with Fjord Norway is showing that this concept can be applied to much wider scales.

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The partnership with TrekkSoft will allow Fjord Norway to:

  1. Take their destination marketing further by capturing bookings on
  2. Improve user experience on local and regional marketplaces and in turn drive bookings for companies in the Western Norway region
  3. Create a thriving local network of tour operators, activity providers, and DMOs
  4. Empower suppliers to make their inventory bookable on their own website, scale-up with intelligent online booking software, and connect to extended distribution via channel managers
  5. Encourage the use of standardised booking software to enable local suppliers to cross-sell using the TrekkSoft Partner Network and drive local tourism 


Jon Fauver, CEO of TrekkSoft, says of the partnership with Fjord Norway:

Fjord Norway is leading the way for the industry. It is great to see a large regional DMO going beyond using local experiences as pretty pictures and really making them a key focus. Fjord Norway’s vision and goals are very closely aligned with the TrekkSoft philosophy and founding vision, and we are excited to see how the partnership will inspire wider innovation and adoption in the industry.

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By actively encouraging and enabling their local suppliers to use a standardised booking system, Fjord Norway is unlocking the power of direct access to live inventory. And by re-investing in driving traffic to marketplaces, TrekkSoft and Fjord Norway will ensure the project’s success.


Kristian B. Jørgensen, CEO of Fjord Norway, has commented on the partnership:

Our goal was to find the best booking system for activities to make the Fjord Norway region even more available for visitors. After evaluating several world-leading booking systems, TrekkSoft was picked out as the best. We really look forward to offering all our best activities in cooperation with TrekkSoft.

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The partnership with TrekkSoft will complement Fjord Norway’s ten-year NCE Tourism product development project to innovate the region’s adventure travel industry. Both TrekkSoft and Fjord Norway are confident that the partnership can provide an example for the wider tour and activity industry to follow.

For more information, you can download our press release announcing the partnership. If you're based in Norway, you can also meet TrekkSoft at one of our upcoming networking events!


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