Agents and Resellers

Work with resellers and travel partners to sell more tours

TrekkSoft offers a suite of bookings tools to make it easier and faster to resell and cross-sell products online and in-person.

Collaborate with in-destination resellers like hotel concierges or tourist information offices, or work with international travel agents to sell more tours.

Booking engine

Integrate our booking widget to your website and let customers pick a tour and pay for it via our sleek checkout process.

Booking desk

A simplified version of the back-office optimised for efficiency. Perfect for those days when your store is packed with excited travellers.

POS desk

Think of this like a web-based catalogue made for tablets. It’s perfect for sales agents on a busy street or at tourist offices.

Mobile app

Take bookings and payments with your Android or iPhone. It’s a preferred booking tool for guides looking to upsell existing customers.

Give sales agents access to your live inventory

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  • Create accounts for your sales agents and resellers

    Create accounts for people you work with, adjust their user permissions and let them book directly into your system.
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  • Skip phone calls and emails

    With access to your real-time availability, your agents can make a booking with you without having to call or email you to check on availability and pricing.

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  • Sync availabilities across sales channels

    Every time a booking is made by your sales agents, your remaining available spaces are automatically updated across all your sales channels.
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  • Generate discount codes for agents

    Help your agents sell more trips by giving them discount codes to pass onto customers. Set it at 5%, 10% or 15%, you're in control.

Sales and payment tools for online and in-person sales

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  • Let customers book from a reseller's website

    Copy and paste a simple line of code and let resellers promote your trips on their site. 
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  • Sell more with the Point of Sale Desk

    Let agents sell your tours on any tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Boost over-the-counter or agent sales with the intuitive and user-friendly interface.
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  • Take payments on any device

    Equip your sales agents with our mobile card readers and they'll be able to take credit card payments with any tablet or mobile device.
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  • Collect outstanding payments with a secure payment link

    Let agents send email reminders on your behalf with a secure payment link for customers to complete a payment before the trip.
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  • Set up commission and track payouts

    Set a commission rate for your agents and TrekkSoft will handle the calculations and reporting for you.
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  • Track agent performance

    With TrekkSoft's reporting feature, you'll get a clear overview of how your agents are performing with the most recent data.
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Paragliding Interlaken have used TrekkSoft since 2010 to sell tours online and through partners

Paragliding Interlaken is  provider of paragliding and tandam who reselling other outdoor activities via TrekkSoft's POS desk. 


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