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Can revenue management work for complex services like tours & activities?

Revenue management is relatively new in the tours & activities industry. In this session, we will look at:

  • The similarities and differences between booking a hotel room compared to booking an activity
  • How operators can incorporate revenue management into their strategy today
  • What travel technology needs to develop quicker to help operators move forward

The guest speakers for this webinar are industry expert Peter Syme and TrekkSoft's CEO Olan O'Sullivan. Expect to leave this webinar with a list of action points you can immediately practice in your business.

This webinar was recorded on the 8th of November 2019.

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Webinar Speakers

Peter Syme

Peter Syme

Peter is an experience tour operator having ran adventures in over 120 countries for over 160 thousand customers. He now shares his experience and advice to the industry and is a familiar face at leading events. 

Olan O'Sullivan

Olan O'Sullivan

Olan co-founded a tour & activity reservation platform that, in 2015, was acquired by TrekkSoft. He soon took his place as CEO at TrekkSoft, the leading software solution for day tour companies.

Nicole Kow

Host: Nicole Kow 

After graduation, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team. Today, she is our Customer Research & Product Marketing Lead, creating strategic content that enhances the TrekkSoft experience.

Register to

  • Understand the complexities of the tours & activities industry compared to hotels, who have successfully adopted revenue management techniques.
  • Find out how to strike a balance between driving volume whilst protecting your bottom line.
  • Learn how to calculate the costs of your services, sales and distribution to find out if you're really making a healthy profit.
  • Learn what you as a tour supplier can do to provide sustainable growth to your business. We will cover revenue management techniques such as yield management, demand management and utilising up-sell opportunities.
  • Hear how technology can support your business by implementing revenue management techniques, whether it be managing schedules, loading availability or adjusting commissions. 
  • Ask two industry experts your questions. Peter and Olan will be accepting questions throughout the webinar and will be happy to offer advice and support. 

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