Grow your distribution to reach more customers

Scale and grow your company with powerful connections to distribution partners. Automate the booking and admin processes, track progress and collect data to increase growth. 

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Scaling your operations is easier with automation

Be present where your customers are, whether it's online, on an OTA site or in-store. Sell via a combination of resellers, OTAs and business partners to increase your reach.

With TrekkSoft, sync your tour schedules and availabilities across these channels, and automatically update availabilities whenever a new booking is made.

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Manage your OTAs in one place

Connect to local and international resellers from one system

Use our Growth tools such as the Partner Network and Channel Manager to connect your booking system to other distributors.


Connect to OTAs via TrekkSoft's Channel Manager

With the Channel Manager, it's simple to connect to leading online travel agents such as TripAdvisor Experiences or Expedia Local Expert. Use the Channel Manager to map your tours, schedules and prices.

Streamline bookings from multiple OTAs, update and sync availabilities when a new booking is made, and have all the information you need about each booking in your TrekkSoft dashboard.

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Manage your OTAs in one place

Allow agents and resellers to sell your tours

Sell more tours online and in-destination with a booking system that makes it easy to collaborate and work with resellers and business partners.

Generate discount codes, track agent performance, and set up a commission structure so you know how much to invoice each reseller.

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Automate workflows to speed up distribution

The key to successfully scaling your business is automation. Use TrekkSoft's unique solutions to automate your workflows and speed up the sales process at various online and offline point of sales.

Automate booking confirmations for multi-channel sales

Sharing your live inventory allows resellers to instantly confirm a booking without emailing or calling you about your availability. Once a reseller booking is made, details of the booking will be entered into TrekkSoft just like your other bookings.

With our API connections, automate booking confirmations to speed up the sales process and shorten cut-off times. Tap into the power of a multi-channel sales strategy and maximise profits with the right tools.

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Automate booking confirmations
TrekkSoft Pos Desk Dashboard

Give in-destination resellers the best sales tools on the market

Make it easy for hotel concierges or tourist information offices to sell your trips on your behalf by giving them sales tools optimised for efficiency.

We've developed a Point-of-sale desk that's perfect for tablets as well as a back-end mobile app so that a booking can be made anywhere, anytime.

Use our card reader to take payments too! 

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Grow your business with data-driven insights

Track growth and return on investments to maximise the potential of multi-channel sales. We'll give you the tools to do just that.

Turn your company data into valuable insights

Use our reporting tools to get updated reports and real-time data about tour company.Export raw data into 3rd party tools or use our Business Intelligence to analyse performance and make data-driven decisions.

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Live Inventory
API Integrations for a better management

Connect to 3rd party tools with Zapier

Harness the power of big data by automating data exports to your favourite 3rd party tool. Make the most out of your booking and customer data.

Success Stories

Fjord Norway brought over 110 suppliers online with TrekkSoft

"Our idea was to bring as many [tour and] activity companies on board one system. We wanted the whole region to use a standardised tool so that we could collectively approach the world in marketing and sales. Getting distribution is also crucial, and if you have too many systems, you don’t get that distribution to work. By having one system, we as a tourism body could use our funds on marketing to bring that one funnel through and create new [opportunities] for activity companies to get that conversion and commercialise themselves. And that’s what we are seeing now".

Kristian Jørgensen,
Director of Tourism for Fjord Norway

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Fjord Norway uses TrekkSoft

Use TrekkSoft to power direct sales, better manage operations and grow your business.

Sell more tours

Improve online and offline sales operations with the right booking tools.

  • Website booking engine
  • Add-ons & Packages
  • Payment gateway
  • POS desk
  • Mobile app

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Manage operations

Our back-office management tools make it easy for you to stay on top of admin.

  • Back-office tools
  • Trip lists
  • Channel manager
  • Calendar sync
  • 3rd party integrations

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Grow your business

Scale your operations by automating booking processes from multi-channel sales.

  • Agents and Resellers
  • Partner Network
  • Reports and Business Intelligence
  • Zapier integration

The ultimate booking solution for you

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business.

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