Manage your business with a booking system that streamlines your operations

TrekkSoft is made to simplify business management by automating your annoying manual tasks such as email confirmations, invoicing and business reporting.

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Simplify how you manage your tours, team & resources

Make your company even stronger with the most complete all-in-one booking and management software. With TrekkSoft you get everything you need to manage and sell your tours and activities on one platform.

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Better manage your tour & activity company

Technology should make your life easier. Streamline your bookings across all channels and devices, connect the system to your favourite calendar, and be that bit more organized in your day-to-day with TrekkSoft.

Manage all of your bookings in one place

See your bookings, rentals and accommodation bookings at a glance. Watch bookings update across all channels in real-time and enjoy a simpler way of managing your business.

If you and your team want to manage bookings and payments on-the-go, just open the Mobile App.

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See your schedule and bookings on your favourite calendar

Sync all trips, guest manifests and resources with your calendar service to see your availability in real-time, whether you use a Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar.

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Stay on top of your resources

Resources are a key part of any tour and activity company: they're either available, or they're not. TrekkSoft offers an automated resource manager that offers a speedier and more reliable alternative to any manual solution.

Know exactly how many resources are available at any time

The Resource Manager is the most reliable way to track your resources (such as guides, boats or buses).

TrekkSoft allows you to add guides to specific trips, combine bike tours with rentals or ensure your boat is never overbooked. All channels are updated in real-time, so you're always up-to-date on any device.

Learn and adapt with advanced reporting and analytics

When you want to know how your business is performing, TrekkSoft is ready with the answer.

Monitor your performance at a glance

 Have the numbers you need at your fingertips, be it turnover, agent invoicing, legal taxes, or SEO reporting. Go to Reporting and Business Intelligence to gather all you need to know.


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Peter Jumpertz, Carrosse DeLouis:

"After a long search, we figured that TrekkSoft can really support us"

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