Manage your business and streamline operations

Simplify admin and logistics by automating your manual tasks such as email confirmations, tracking and reporting. Be that bit more organised in your day-to-day operations with TrekkSoft.

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Simplify how you manage your tours, team & resources

Our back-office tools are made even more powerful with a live inventory.

Get a clear overview of your upcoming bookings and available resources to improve your trip planning processes. Deliver exceptional experiences with tools that improve your internal operations.

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Manage your bookings and resources using a booking system

A smarter way to manage direct and indirect sales channels

Use one system to manage all your sales channels, whether directly through your website or in-store; or indirectly via OTAs, in-destination resellers and travel partners.


Sync availabilities and schedules across sales channels

Set up schedules and capacities for your tours and TrekkSoft's booking system will automatically stop taking bookings once a time slot is fully booked.

With a live inventory, your latest availabilities are also synced across your sales channels so you don't have to manually update your sales team, resellers and OTAs.

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Manage your OTAs in one place
Manage your OTAs in one place

Manage resources across multiple tours

Our Resource Manager is the most reliable way to track your resources, such as guides, boats or buses, which are often used for multiple tours a day.

Add guides to specific trips, combine bike tours with rentals or block out days for your boats when you need to get maintenance work done.

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Automate data entry to cut down on admin

TrekkSoft's management tools allow you to automate much of your booking and management processes, saving you more time on admin. 

Automate booking confirmations

Set up your TrekkSoft booking system so that bookings are automatically confirmed upon payment. If you need to wait for a minimum number of customers before you can confirm a booking, that can be set up too.

Once a booking is confirmed, let TrekkSoft automatically generate and send confirmation emails and PDF tickets to your customers.

Automate booking confirmations
API Integrations for a better management


Use Zapier to create powerful connections

Got a bookkeeping or waiver tool that your business relies on? Connect TrekkSoft to these 3rd party systems with Zapier to automatically import booking data, sales data or customer data. Easy!

Stay on top of all the moving parts of you business

Our back-office management tools are designed to give you a quick overview of your upcoming bookings, as well as a detailed record of each and every booking and payment.

View upcoming bookings from multiple channels

See all your upcoming bookings from multiple sales channels and track payment status for each booking.

If you and your team want to manage bookings, rebook or issue refunds on-the-go, just use our back-end mobile app.

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Manage your bookings
Manage your bookings calendar

Sync trip schedules to your calendar

Use TrekkSoft's Calendar View for a clear overview of the number of guests for upcoming tours. Use this information to guide your last-minute marketing strategies to maximise your resources.

You can also sync all your trips with your favourite calendar, whether you use a Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar.

Success Stories

Basel City Tours went from zero to $200k in 15 months with TrekkSoft

By aggregating small numbers of bookings from multiple resellers, the company is able to generate a large volume of bookings overall. "For our resellers, the booking process needs to be as easy as possible. They need to enjoy it. That’s what TrekkSoft has helped us do," says Michael Trummer, CEO of Basel City Tour.

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Basel City Tours uses TrekkSoft

Use TrekkSoft to power direct sales, better manage operations and grow your business.

Sell more tours

Improve online and offline sales operations with the right booking tools.

  • Website booking engine
  • Add-ons & Packages
  • Payment gateway
  • POS desk
  • Mobile app

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Manage operations

Our back-office management tools make it easy for you to stay on top of admin.

  • Back-office tools
  • Trip lists
  • Channel manager
  • Calendar sync
  • 3rd party integrations

Grow your business

Scale your operations by automating booking processes from multi-channel sales.

  • Agents and Resellers
  • Partner Network
  • Reports and Business Intelligence
  • Zapier integration

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The ultimate booking solution for you

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business.

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