Sell more tours online and offline

Connect your front-end and back-end sales tools to keep track of your inventory in real-time. Cut down on endless emails, phone calls and spreadsheets.

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Streamline sales operations with a live inventory

A live inventory can keep track of sales and availability in real-time, without the need for emails or phone calls.

Your customers can select a tour, pick a suitable date and time based on real-time availability, and pay you online.

Share TrekkSoft's booking and sales tools with your on-the-ground sales team to speed up the sales process at every customer touch point.

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Live Inventory

Your website is your most important sales channel

TrekkSoft provides the tools you need to convert website browsers into booked guests. After working with thousands of tour operators, we understand what leads to bookings.



Add a 'book now' button to your website

Get more from your best distribution channel.

Use a website booking engine with a checkout flow that's designed to convert website visitors into paid bookings. Simply integrate a "book now" button to your current website and accept online bookings anytime, anywhere.

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Website Booking System

Turn your website into your most effective sales channel

To boost revenue, run promotional offers, upsell customers with add-ons or package your tours to create unique and attractive experiences.

It's also easier than ever to monitor your sales performance with our reporting tools.

Efficient sales tools for bookings in-store

Get a professional terminal to showcase and sell your trips, whether in-store or via third parties such as hotel concierge desks or visitor centres. Our Point of Sale Desk is compatible with iPad and Android tablets.


A Point of Sale Desk for your sales team

With the Point of Sale (POS) Desk, give your sales team a straight-forward and easy-to-use tool to seamlessly process walk-in bookings.

TrekkSoft also offers a mobile app that allows guides to make last-minute sales or upsell customers with an add-on or another tour. Pair your device with TrekkSoft's card reader to take payments on-the-go.

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TrekkSoft Pos Desk Dashboard

Create user accounts for your resellers

If you work with resellers like hotel concierge desks, sell via international travel agents or even cross-sell with other businesses, set up individual agent accounts for each reseller. They'll get access to TrekkSoft's suite of sales tools, and track their sales and commissions in real-time.

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Take credit card payments online and in-store

TrekkPay is our in-house payment gateway created for tour operators, by tour operators. 

A payment gateway designed for tour and activity companies around the world

TrekkPay is designed for the travel industry. Use TrekkPay to accept payments in over 33 currencies, in more than 130 countries around the world including Europe and Latin America.

Enjoy low transaction fees and get payouts straight into your bank account.

Payment Gateway Flags
Payment Gateway

Take deposits or full payments to confirm a booking

With TrekkSoft, you can take a simple reservation or take a payment to confirm a booking. If your tours are on the pricier side of things, take a deposit or break the payment into multiple instalments to make it easy for your customers to pay you.

Success Stories

Sea Saffron increase direct sales by 50% and reduce marketing

"TrekkSoft is the way to grow sustainably, in an agile way in order to increase sales. In short, it is the way to turn a tour into a company. For us, this partnership is not an option, it's a must.

From our point of view, business owners running tours must focus on generating unique tours, satisfying client's need and increase their sales. TrekkSoft is what allows us to control the back-end of these processes!"

Eduardo Aguiar,
CEO Sea Saffron

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Sea Saffron uses TrekkSoft

Use TrekkSoft to power direct sales, better manage operations and grow your business.

Sell more tours

Improve online and offline sales operations with the right booking tools.

  • Website booking engine
  • Add-ons & Packages
  • Payment gateway
  • POS desk
  • Mobile app

Manage operations

Our back-office management tools make it easy for you to stay on top of admin.

  • Back-office tools
  • Trip lists
  • Channel manager
  • Calendar sync
  • 3rd party integrations

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Grow your business

Scale your operations by automating booking processes from multi-channel sales.

  • Agents and Resellers
  • Partner Network
  • Reports and Business Intelligence
  • Zapier integration

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The ultimate booking solution for you

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business.

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