Gone Paddling can now take online bookings, save admin time and integrate with key booking partners.

Since using the TrekkSoft booking software since July 2017, Gone Paddling have launched a new website with live online bookings that is also fully integrated with key market places. The software has eliminated administration time and booking errors.

Results for booking increase will be provided Autumn 2018. 

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 Gone Paddling

Gone Paddling AS was established in 2013 by a Norwegian couple who are passionate about outdoor activities.  Both are active guides and work towards improving the standards of sustainable tourism in Norway. Today, they are supported by a team of experienced guides, event planners, and builders.

Join us on a scheduled daily departure, a multi-day paddling camping trip, rent a kayak, attend a training course, buy some new gear, or let us arrange your family or corporate event.

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In 2016, TrekkSoft entered a partnership with Fjord Norwaythe official tourist board of Western Norway. The key priority for Fjord Norway was to ensure that local experiences were bookable online. With the tourist board as their biggest agent, Gone Paddling made the decision to join TrekkSoft. Since then, Gone Paddling have achieved many milestones and see TrekkSoft as a tool to continue growth of their business.

TrekkSoft is simply a tool to help us build up our business and navigate towards bigger and better opportunities.

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Before using TrekkSoft, Gone Paddling did not have an online booking system and they felt that their website had become "stale". They were not running daily departures as they did not have an online calendar, so they had to operate by a 'on request' basis. Because of this they had no weekly structure.

The team were relying on email folders and excel sheets to keep organized which was difficult to update, prone to human error and very time consuming for their staff. 

We used a combination of: whiteboard, paper appointment calendar, and Excel. These tools worked for our limited exposure, but it did not allow us the flexibility to grow.

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The decision to use TrekkSoft had already been made due to a partnership with Fjord Norway, their largest agent. Gone Paddling had not used a booking software system prior so they had no issues migrating over to the new platform. An existing ad hoc bookings were easily added to the new system.

Managing Director and Guide, Neil Joseph Woerner, took on sole responsibility of the website and software set up with the TrekkSoft Support Team. By doing so, there were no internal barriers or any confusion from colleagues or guides. 

There was a learning curve for getting to know the system, and all the tools that could support the business. Neil knew that TrekkSoft was going to be a simple tool to help Gone Paddling build up business and navigate towards bigger and better opportunities. 


Now that TrekkSoft is fully implemented, it is simply the way we do things.  There is no memory or nostalgia for the old way.

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Gone Paddling have an easy to use website with a fresh TrekkSoft template. The biggest milestone has been to their online presence. They can now take live bookings and offer daily departure tours. They can limited activities and price categories by their available resources, and are making the system work for their customer demand. The booking system is simple to use, reducing administration time and booking errors.

The next step for Gone Paddling has been reaching out to make new external connections with Partner Networks and Agents. They use the TrekkSoft marketplace API integration, and can set an easy agent commission system using their own POS Desk. This has been a big help to increase bookings, and again eliminates administration time to add or cross-check reservations. 

Gone Paddling utilize the Schedule Overview daily for their guides to easily see what bookings they have each day, and where there is still availability to fill. This is an easier solution from their previous excel sheet.

They are still working with the TrekkSoft Support Team to make the system support their business in each aspect, and to learn the different options available. 

Their most popular tour is their Guided Via-Ferrata Tour in Bergen (Herdla) bookable on their TrekkSoft website.

Having an online presence at all was probably the biggest milestone.  After that, we have been reaching out in every direction to make as many external connections as possible.

Neil's advice to others 

  • Neil Joseph Woerner Gone Paddling

TrekkSoft is a comprehensive booking system where you will set up all your activities and tours. It is where you assign resources and connect with channel manager. It is where you bring in external agents and prepare agent invoices... It can also be your primary website... It really is quite comprehensive for a business.

Neil Joseph Woerner, Managing Director & Guide, Gone Paddling AS

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