Hannon Coach is a leading coach operator in Northern Ireland, using TrekkSoft to grow their new business.

As a new entrant into the transfers and tours sector, Hannon Coach depended on TrekkSoft to succesfully launch their services. Since then, they rely on TrekkSoft to process all their online bookings and payments, manage the availability of their coaches and keep track of daily operations. TrekkSoft's flexibility allows them to deliver a great customer experience at a low cost, attracting repeat customers as a result for their coach services as a result.

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Hannon Coach is a brand new company, part of the Hannon Group of Companies. They are a high-quality coach operator based in Northern Ireland, offering private, contract and corporate hire services as well as a range of tours and short breaks around the region.

In February 2018, they made the move into the public transport sector by introducing an express service linking Glasgow and Belfast. 

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Hannon Group of Companies used TrekkSoft to kickstart Hannon Coach, a coach transfer and coach tours company.  They also begin offering public transport services with express lines connecting Glasgow and Belfast. To compete with airline and train companies offering the same trips, Hannon Coach differentiates themselves by offering excellent customer service. TrekkSoft makes it easy for them to keep track of customer requirements and change customer's travel dates for free if needed.

Since it’s so easy to make changes within the system, the overhead is very low and we’re able to provide extra services to our customers free of charge. The response has been great. We now have regular customers who travel with us simply because of this.

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The Hannon Group has a background in logistics and transport, and they took a strategic decision to move into the coach and tours sector. They wanted an online booking system in place from the outset so they shortlisted three for in-depth trials over a three to four-week period. We had a long list of requirements and we wanted to be sure that these were not just met ‘on paper’ but that we could make the system work for us in a live working environment.

As in any business, it is important to be able to adapt and take advantage of often unforeseen opportunities. As a new entrant,  a booking system that could adapt quickly was important for us.

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To successfully launch their public transport services, they needed to compete against train and low-cost airline companies offering similar trips. An important part of our brand is our customer service. For the Belfast – Glasgow Express, a key selling point is being flexible and allowing customers to change their travel plans at no extra cost. Trekksoft allows them to quickly and easily make the changes their customers want.

The response to this service has been great and after 6 months of launching their express line, the company already receives repeat customers who appreciate the flexibility. 

We now have regular customers who travel with us simply because of this – most of the time they don’t need to change but they appreciate the free service whenever they do.

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Using Trekksoft allows Hannon Coach to easily and reliably keep track of their daily operations, as well as keep notes on specific customer requirements. They regularly refer to Trekksoft’s schedule calendar to get an overall picture of how the following weeks are looking.

They also took advantage of TrekkSoft's ability to customise tickets right down to the individual activity. They use this feature to provide more activity-specific information and also include tactical value-added offers with some key partners to increase the value of their bookings. 

I am confident that we selected the right product and believe that using Trekksoft has been a key element of a successful launch and first 18 months in the market. 

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  • Hannon Coach Owen
  • "Trekksoft has been a key element of a successful launch and first 18 months in the market. We also chose Trekksoft because it was easy to use and support was provided both at setup and on a regular basis." Owen McLaughlin, Group Marketing Manager at Hannon Group of Companies

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