Travel Etc. has increased sales by 100% using TrekkSoft to manage all their bookings.

Travel Etc. chose to use TrekkSoft's booking management system as a result of rapid and substantial growth. Trekksoft has allowed the company to improve their internal operations, from booking management and distribution of services, to B2B and B2C sales channels.

Streamlining internal operations coupled with access to distribution channels has doubled the company's sales in less than two years. 

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Travel Etc. is a tour operator offering guided tours, transfers and excursions, as well as accommodation options.

In just four years, the company has become the main point of reference for innovation when it comes to inbound services, especially day tours and excursions.

Today, they have a team of 30 people and the company's main objective is to provide an authentic and local experience in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

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Travel Etc. offers experiences, excursions, transfers and activities such as hiking tours, walking tours and cooking classes. They specialise in tours for small groups with daily departures to and from popular destinations in Campania: Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Naples.

The company began looking for a booking management system as a result of rapid and substantial growth. They began using TrekkSoft in 2017. The software has given the team the tools to manage the company growth, as well as the possibility of addressing the market in an innovative way.

Our company, with the support of TrekkSoft, has improved its internal operations and management of bookings, and also in the distribution of the product on various B2B and B2C sales channels. The "Book Now" button on our website has increased bookings tremendously and compliments bookings we continue to receive via email and phone calls.



Before TrekkSoft, Travel Etc., like many other operators, managed their booking with Excel Sheets, Google Drive and Google emails. It was tedious work and the company wanted to improve the overall processes within and across each department. High on the company wishlist was to improve the management of reservations and simplify the process for generating accounting reports. On top of that, their customers wanted to book their services online. 

They needed a booking system that could support their growth with adequate resources and meet the challenges of a rapidly growing customer base.

"The management of reservations and relationships with customers and suppliers had become unsustainable without the use of a system. The market for specific software for excursions in Italy was not up to date with the latest developments. For us, it was fundamental to find a partner like TrekkSoft to support our growth. "



"What prompted me to choose TrekkSoft was the support given to me during the buying and the onboarding process. After using the platform, I realised there were many other advantages," said Marco. "I also evaluated other management software options that had been developed by local companies. While at first use they seemed more adaptable to our needs, we chose TrekkSoft because we wanted a company that continues to grow its platform."

"We want to meet the needs of hundreds of customers and therefore need software that is highly innovative and geared towards a tech savvy consumer market."

"Compared to its international competitors, TrekkSoft attracts a completely different B2B market in Italy. To implement technology in such a complex sector, you need a point of reference that understands local dynamics. With TrekkSoft, we always feel part of new projects and we are always updated with new market trends."



TrekkSoft is now used by the entire excursion department at Travel Etc. to manage relationships with suppliers, B2B customers and B2C customers. On top of that, TrekkSoft has simplified the distribution and processing of bookings from both online and offline channels.

A fundamental sales channel for Travel Etc. are OTAs. Thanks to TrekkSoft's Channel Manager, the company is connected with 8 different marketplaces including Viator, Expedia, Get Your Guide and Musement.

"OTAs are our main distribution channel as they have revolutionised the booking process for consumers. Today, 80% of customers book through these platforms," says Marco.

Why TrekkSoft? It allows us to refine operations and management of bookings, and increase direct website sales. Finally it allows us to manage a wide distribution network on various online and offline sales channels.

Marco's advice for you

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"Firstly, find partners who you can develop ideas and collaborate with for the long term. The industry is difficult to navigate alone and having the right business partners who can help you grow and innovate is key. Secondly, with a changing market comes the need to stay updated and ahead of the game. You'll need an agile team that is able to constantly innovate and create products, services and management systems that meets changing consumer needs. 

Marco Fogliamanzillo, co-founder of Travel Etc

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