TrekkSoft for Bus Tour Companies

Get booking details in real-time and give your drivers all the information they need to deliver a great experience to your passengers.

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Booking Management



Real-time bookings to seamlessly manage your business

Take bookings and payments on your website in real-time. Shorten cut-off times to make sure that every ride is maximised.

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Take bookings online with the right information

Add an enquiry form to your website to let customers specify the dates and times they require your services.

Collect important information you might need too, like departure points and hotel pick-up times.

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Resource Manager


Avoid overbooking by managing your resources

Set up your transfer schedules and capacity per vehicle, and TrekkSoft will stop accepting bookings when you have no more available seats.

This will avoid overbooking errors and refund payments. 

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Access booking information on the move

Let your drivers use the TrekkSoft mobile app to retrieve passenger lists and check passengers in with QR code tickets. 

Got extra seats? Your drivers can take a booking and payment on the spot too!

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Mobile App
POS Desk


Work with resellers to sell more seats

If you work with in-destination resellers like tourist offices and hotel concierges, you can create a user account for them and let them book directly into your system.

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Expand your reach with distribution channels

Sell your transfers via Online Travel Agents and let us streamline booking management, making it easier for you to grow your distribution.

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Success Stories

Basel City Tours went from zero to $200k in 15 months with TrekkSoft

By aggregating small numbers of bookings from multiple resellers, the company is able to generate a large volume of bookings overall. "For our resellers, the booking process needs to be as easy as possible. They need to enjoy it. That’s what TrekkSoft has helped us do," says Michael Trummer, CEO of Basel City Tour.

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Basel City Tours uses TrekkSoft

The ultimate booking solution for you

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business.

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