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About us

TrekkSoft is transforming the
tours and activities market

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Founded at 12 years by activity operators.


Used in 138 countries across the world.


Booking processed since 2010.


Customers supported since the start.

TrekkSoft customers

TrekkSoft served more than 1,000 customers across the world in a wide range of activities, including outdoor tours, watersport, destination companies, bus tour companies, and sightseeing.

Success stories
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Our leadership

Our leadership team drives our company, guides our strategy and leads our people - TrekkSoft is part of TrekkSoft group


Philippe Willi

Chief Executive Officer

Dani Bloom

Chief Operations Officer

Christopher Sitterli

Financial Analyst/Controller

Vanessa Londoño

Customer Success Team Lead

Franziska Wernet

Product Team Lead

Assunta Fiorentino

Support Team Lead

Raúl Araya

Tech Lead

Andreas Föger

Sales & Marketing Lead

Our timeline

  1. TrekkSoft begins


    TrekkSoft was founded by CEO Jon Fauver, rafting guide and owner of two successful tour companies in Interlaken. His co-founders are Philippe Willi, COO and Valentin Binnedijk, CTO.

  2. TrekkSoft booking software is launched


    The TrekkSoft platform was launched, offering booking software to tour and activity companies. Within six months, TrekkSoft had 55 tour operators using the software.

  3. TrekkSoft raises $800k in seed funding


    In August, TrekkSoft raised $800,000 in seed funding. TrekkSoft also launched a mobile application and payment gateway to better support users.

  4. $1.1m investment and acquisition of Acteavo


    TrekkSoft raised $1.1 million in investment from Redalpine and independent investors including Armin Meier (former CEO of Kuoni) and Walter Güntensperger (former CEO of Hotelplan Switzerland). In November, TrekkSoft acquired Acteavo, an Irish booking software company.

  5. Acquisition of Myobis


    In May, TrekkSoft acquired Myobis Booking Systems, a German software provider for the tourism and events. TrekkSoft is now used by tour and activity operators in 125 countries.

  6. Meet TrekkSoft Group


    TrekkSoft Group is founded. The group is made up of TrekkSoft, Payyo and ExperienceBank. The group aims to build and develop SaaS companies to better serve medium to large organisations in the tourism Industry. TrekkSoft Group also acquired DigiTickets, a leading software company for theme parks and attractions with headquarters in the UK.

  7. TrekkSoft opens a new office in Barcelona


    In March 2018, TrekkSoft opened a new office in Barcelona and welcomed new team members onboard.

  8. TrekkSoft launches a support plan to help customers during the pandemic


    Throughout the pandemic, TrekkSoft created and shared valuable resources and hosted webinars to help tour and activity operators navigate the uncertainty. We also launched a unique subscription plan to give operators access to TrekkSoft's tools at a lower cost.

  9. Team week is back!


    After working remotely for almost two years, the team was thrilled to meet up in Interlaken for TrekkSoft's annual Team Week!


We are headquartered in Barcelona with offices Interlaken, operations in Minsk and workplace flexibility.

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      Carrer de Ramon Turró, 169, A, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
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      At TrekkSoft, your office can be anywhere – a mountain peak, a jungle lodge, or a cozy cabin. Join us and redefine the 9 to 5, wherever your adventure takes you.

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