TrekkSoft partners with Visit Cornwall

TrekkSoft partners with Visit Cornwall: Here's how tech will grow local businesses

Published by Nicole Kow on Jun 8, 2016

We're proud to announce our partnership with Visit Cornwall, the official tourism board for the Cornish region in the South West of England, awarded Best UK Holiday Destination in the British Travel Awards for seven years in a row. They are also our first British DMO to partner with us to bring technology into the local tourism industry.

Here's what tour operators and activity providers in the region can look forward to.

1. Take control of your digital presence

Tour and activity companies in Cornwall can work on developing their digital footprint, from building their own professional website, to managing their availability and selling internationally via our Channel Manager. We will also be coaching individual tourism companies so that they can use the technology to suit their unique business needs. 


2. Amplify your distribution efforts

Visit Cornwall aims to catapult Cornwall onto an international stage, promoting the very best Cornwall has to offer. TrekkSoft enables this by providing direct booking solutions for suppliers’ websites and live, bookable inventory on This will allow Visit Cornwall to transform its website into a virtual travel agent serving domestic and international visitors with timely offers on things to do in Cornwall.


3. Build your local network

This partnership will focus on strengthening the local network of tour and activity operators by allowing suppliers to cross-sell their tourism products via TrekkSoft’s Partner Network. Partner up with Visit Cornwall too and let customers book your products from their website with a standardised booking system.


Here's what Jon Fauver, our CEO, says of the partnership:

“Visit Cornwall is our first partnership with a British DMO. They are leading the way in providing members with innovative marketing solutions, via and traditional trade distribution channels. It is great to see regional DMOs such as Visit Cornwall, Fjord Norway and Interlaken Tourism adopting new technologies to spur growth and develop local companies. I believe that Visit Cornwall’s objectives and goals are very much aligned with our vision, and I hope that this partnership ignites greater innovation in the British tour and activity sector.”


Malcolm Bell, Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, added about the partnership:

“We are delighted to partner with TrekkSoft to bring the amazing activities available in Cornwall to a wider audience, and to increase the visibility of what Cornwall has to offer in the international market. Moreover, it offers local companies a platform to launch, manage and accelerate their businesses without the need for any technical expertise. We want our visitors to be able to find the latest prices and availability for things to do, no matter what the weather! I look forward to growing the experiences market in Cornwall together with TrekkSoft.”

The partnership will help Visit Cornwall achieve their goal to remain Britain’s top tourist destination for both local and foreign travellers. Both TrekkSoft and Visit Cornwall are confident that this partnership will drive more bookings than ever before.

What do you think of this partnership? How else can tourism companies benefit from an online booking solution?


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Nicole Kow

Published by Nicole Kow

Having graduated from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team. She is now based in KL and regularly blogs about her travels at Next Train Out.

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