SANDEMANs NEW Europe are the largest walking tour company in Europe, using TrekkSoft to continue growth.

As one of our largest customers at TrekkSoft, SANDEMANs NEW Europe have also been one of the most successful. TrekkSoft is a vital tool for their business. They take bookings in advance, payments via mobile and their guides rely on the mobile app. Due to the seamless experience their customers receive, the company is now able to expand even further. 

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SANDEMANs NEW Europe is a young, dynamic, international company offering city tours in 20 European cities. They run over 80 tours daily, cater to thousands of guests every week, and connect travelers with over 200 freelance guides worldwide. This makes them the largest walking tour company in Europe, and they offer free walking tours as well as specifically-designed paid tours in every city.

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TrekkSoft’s tour management system allowed SANDEMANs NEW Europe to offer all of their tours on their website, providing customers with a range to choose from. 

SANDEMANs NEW Europe have been able to integrate TrekkSoft seamlessly to their existing website. This has allowed tour guides to take registration in advance, and made their tours more efficient. They can now also take payments and check bookings on the go, which is vital for their business. 

We have expanded quite a bit in the last couple of years; we now operate tours in 20 cities. TrekkSoft has made it easy to manage our bookings across all our locations.



SANDEMANs NEW Europe wanted a booking system that could handle their free and paid tours and manage bookings across their many locations.

The free walking tours are consistently most popular, with customers able to pay a tip of any quantity when the tour comes to an end. In order to manage both these and their paid tours, SANDEMANs NEW Europe required a team and system that were both efficient and meticulous. In order to avoid overcrowding and chaos at the meeting point, they needed a system that would enable registration in advance. 

We ultimately wanted a booking system that would make things more efficient. Meeting points for our tours are frequently in tourist hot spots, and with a popular free tour, it's easy for a tour guide to become overwhelmed.



SANDEMANs NEW Europe already had a website, so they simply wanted to integrate a booking system that could allow customers to book tours, print tickets, and show up at the meeting point. After looking for a booking system that can organize both tours and simply process online payment, they came across TrekkSoft.

They integrated TrekkSoft with their existing website using Lightboxes. This offers a clean-looking white label solution, and customers stay right on the SANDEMANs NEW Europe website throughout the booking process. The customer feels secure, they receive a confirmation email after booking, and they know exactly where to meet and which tour guide to look out for.

This solution works for their paid tours as well as free tours. This is followed by a simple booking process and quick payment–right on the website–with TrekkSoft’s payment gateway. It can handle all major credit cards, is easy to set up, and has all major payment service providers (such as PayPal) registered in the booking engine. Therefore, you can simply choose which payment service provider you'd prefer, or continue using your existing one.

Having already established our web presence, we could easily integrate TrekkSoft with our website and use it as a booking and payment solution only.



TrekkSoft's booking system and payment gateway addressed the two main priorities that SANDEMANs NEW Europe wanted:

  • An integrated booking system to handle both free and paid bookings
  • A way to provide guests with their tour details and avoid confusion

Now they can use TrekkSoft’s other features to make day-to-day tour management easier and help grow sales.

The release of TrekkSoft’s mobile app and card reader has made it possible for tour and activity providers to take bookings on-the-go. All that is required is internet access, and a tour guide or agent can take bookings and make changes right on their mobile device. The card reader also allows immediate payment. As the changes document across all platforms, you never have to worry about overbooking.

SANDEMANs NEW Europe is continuing to grow. While already the largest walking tour company in Europe, they have recently expanded to New York City and are looking to build their business in other American cities. 

TrekkSoft has made it easy to manage our bookings across all our locations. And now with our new mobile app powered by TrekkSoft, our customers can book with us in-destination!

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  • "We have expanded quite a bit in the last couple of years; we now operate tours in 18 cities. TrekkSoft has made it easy to manage our bookings across all our locations. With our new mobile app powered by TrekkSoft, our customers can book with us in-destination!" Chris Sandeman, Owner of SANDEMANs NEW Europe

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