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Published by Lucy Fuggle | May 26, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

6 reasons why an online Point of Sale Desk is an essential tool for your tour and activity business

We recently launched our POS Desk, our latest product at TrekkSoft and an exciting addition to our software. A POS Desk, or Point-of-Sale Desk, is a brilliant tool to boost your over-the-counter or agent sales, improve your efficiency, and leverage the quality of your service. Here are six reasons why it's an essential tool for any tour or activity business.


1. It's built to be a great booking and marketing tool

The core concept of a Point-of-Sale Desk is to deliver you and your agents with an intuitive and reliable booking and marketing tool. It's a tool built for you in response to a growing need for the product among fellow tour and activity operators. This means it ticks all your boxes.

TrekkSoft Point-of-Sale Desk

2. It's user-friendly and simple to use

By using a POS Desk with a user-friendly display and streamlined booking process, you can accept bookings with just a few clicks. There's no need for training or a set of instructions, which means you could quite easily pass an iPad or tablet to a customer to process their own booking.


3. It can serve as your company brochure

There's more to the POS Desk than simply processing point-of-sale bookings: it can also serve as your company brochure. Use any tablet or laptop to show trip information to your customers directly, perhaps at your booking desk or at an event you're attending.

With your trip details, itinerary, maps and pictures displayed, you don't need to worry about running out of printed brochures for customers to select an activity from. All you need is a tablet, laptop or a smartphone in your hands or your agent's.

TrekkSoft POS Desk software

4. A POS Desk improves your efficiency

How long does your standard point-of-sale booking process take? Do you need to switch between different spreadsheets, pieces of paper, or systems? Use a POS Desk and maximise your efficiency with just the one tool.


5. A concierge can use it to resell your activities

When coming up with the idea of a POS Desk for our customers, one of the first use-cases we thought about was a concierge (or hotel reception) through which you could resell your activities. The only required tool would be a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Saying that, the array of use-cases goes far beyond this. If you have an agent, they can use your POS Desk.


6. You can see real-time inventory and past bookings

The TrekkSoft POS Desk interface is built of three major tabs: Activity, Calendar and Last Booked.

Under "Activity", a customer can browse all of the tours and activities that you have on offer. 

"Calendar" allows you to view a monthly calendar and see activities based on their departure date.

Finally, the "Last Booked" tab gathers all of the activities that you - or your agent - have boooked in the past,


You or your agents can use this product at almost any point of sale to help your business grow, and it's ready-to-use for TrekkSoft clients with Professional accounts or higher (ProConnect, ProMarketer).

We're excited to hear how this product grows your revenue and builds your business, and we'd love to hear how you get on with it. We're also keen to feature some of your case studies here on the blog: if you're interested, email lucy [at] and we can discuss how to give your business (and new POS Desk!) - a starring role.


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