Mike's Bike Tours benefits from an optimized booking process and reduced administration time.

Mike's Bike Tours has welcomed over 500,000 customers since 1995. As a well established company, they were looking for a booking solution that would provide, not only an easy online booking experience via their own website, but would reduce administration time by simplifying their back-end process.

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Since 1995 Mike's Bike Tours has had the privilege to serve more than half a million satisfied customers. This is the story of how a small company founded by one man became the most popular outdoor sightseeing activity in the beautiful and alluring city of Munich. 

Ranked the #1 for Sightseeing Tour in Munich on TripAdvisor.

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With TrekkSoft, Mike’s Bike Tours feel supported by a booking system that goes above and beyond to help their business. As well as gaining huge time savings on administration, plus the organization of their varied rental resources such as bikes and guides, they are now also connected to online marketplaces (i.e. GetYourGuide, Viator, hotelbeds) by using TrekkSoft.

Roberto says: "We feel like we have been welcomed to the 21st century of booking systems. We believe it will improve our business on so much levels, especially now that we are learning how to make use the system in the most efficient way."

TrekkSoft gives us a good overview of our bookings on our mobile phones. For me that is very important. Being able to see what’s going on in real time at anytime.

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Before using TrekkSoft, it was difficult for Mike’s Bike Tours to allow customers the capacity to book easily via their own website. They used a booking solution that wasn’t able to give them as many features as TrekkSoft does for an appropriate price.

They spent a lot of time organizing their rental resources, i.e. guides and bikes, for different tours and locations.

Besides their own website, they required a booking solution that would give them access to online marketplaces to promote their tours to a wider audience.

There have been several reasons why we looked for an online booking solution. The most important was to have a booking system that could integrate in a smart way our new website. I have to say that we got much more than that. 

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Mike's Bike Tours researched a few booking systems before choosing TrekkSoft as best for their business. Their initial impression of the personalized customer service and a local office in Munich, convinced them that TrekkSoft was the right company to support their business growth every step of the way.

The TrekkSoft Support Team took them through the onboarding process, and gave the the needed support to get their business started for the summer season. 

Lots of features that TrekkSoft gives Mike's Bike Tours more flexibility. Using the TrekkSoft app makes life for their tour guides much easier. They also were keen to get connected to the major online marketplaces in the tour & activity industry to boost their sales and receive a broader reach. TrekkSoft gave them the integration tools to do this. 

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The fact that TrekkSoft work closely with companies like Expedia, GetYourGuide and Viator, means that we now have a seamless integration with all bookings in one place.

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Their goal was to enable their customers a seamless booking experience on their own website and reduce the amount of back-end/administration time caused by rental resource management and manual payment acceptance. 

Mike's Bike Tours loved how the TrekkSoft Channel Manager synced them with the world’s biggest travel giants as Viator, GetYourGuide & hotelbeds. Additionally, they make use of the agent tool to give their partners (i.e. hotels) access to their inventory to book attendees directly on an upcoming tour. 

With the TrekkSoft card readers tour guides are able to let customers pay on-site or to up-sell add-on options such as t-shirts or to "Keep your bike for the rest of the day".  For their team, being able to control their inventory with the click of a button is a huge advantage, especially with 18 guides and various bike tours to manage. 

They rave about the one-of-a-kind support that TrekkSoft gives them. Roberto says: "we like personal contact and that is what we get from TrekkSoft, a personalized service that makes TrekkSoft feel like part of our family (company)." 

Their most popular is their Classic Bike Tour, bookable on their TrekkSoft website. They are looking forward to explore more of the TrekkSoft features during the winter season, for instance package creation. 

Service, Service and Service. TrekkSoft has provided the best service since the beginning. Another big point is the office based in Munich. We like personal contact and that is what we get from you, a personalized service that makes TrekkSoft feel like part of our family (company).

Roberto's advice to others

  • Roberto Gallegos
  • "The best advice we can give to fellow tour operators is to seek the best work conditions for your employees, because they are the ones that will make your business shine. This includes arming them with the best tools in the market, and we consider this to beTrekkSoft. – Roberto Gallegos, Tour Guide & Marketing Coordinator Mike's Bike Tours

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