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We're partnering with Hotelbeds group to power up real-time bookings

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Marketing super bundle for tour and activity operators

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Meet your Customer Success Managers

Competitor analysis: TrekkSoft, Rezgo, Peek, FareHarbor, Rezdy and Checkfront

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Making experiences the cornerstone of destination marketing: How DMOs are remaining relevant in 2017 [Research Report]

Spotlight Interview with Elena Paschinger from Creative Tourism Austria

Here's what you can look forward to in 2017 (5 TrekkSoft upgrades coming your way!)

Can't make it to ITB? We'll help keep you updated all week!

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TrekkSoft World Adventures – the 2016 edition

Moments that affected global travel in 2016

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Spotlight: Barcelona Architecture Walks, discovering the city through the eyes of an architect

Spotlight on Oscar Almgren, owner of the outdoor adventure company Uteguiden

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Here's how operators can apply variable tax rates for different activity components

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Airbnb Experiences: What Airbnb's new changes mean for the future of tour & activity companies

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How to create a balanced distribution network: the TrekkSoft research take

Interlaken Tourism: How the successful DMO is evolving with TrekkSoft to meet new travel demands

Our 3 favorite highlights from WTM London 2016's insights into the future of travel at Web Summit 2016

How to start a tour company - part one

Create a comprehensive Facebook report with just 15 minutes a week

How to stay updated without attending WTM

7 steps to increase your booking conversion rates

Your ultimate game plan to make this the best season ever

WTM London: trends and seminar recommendations for tour and activity operators

Why user-generated content is your most powerful marketing tool

3 ways offering accommodation and activities increases your revenue

5 important tips for writing a useful website

Start selling custom packages this season with TrekkSoft

Food, tourism, and culture: the keys to success of a global trend

Industry research: The tour and activity distribution landscape of today

How DMOs can become an online marketplace for tours and activities

A no-headaches formula for managing your tour & activity company and saving time

Pro tips: How to network at a conference

How to stay on top of your customer service with social media

Share your expertise, be a part of our 2017 trends report

10 tips for tourism professionals attending World Travel Market 2016

Street art trend: 4 ways street art can benefit your tours

How much commission should you pay for distribution?

5 mistakes you can easily avoid in your tourism company

The state of social media: four trends and updates to know about [September 2016]

Growing company, changing distribution strategy: what stage are you at?

Spotlight on Segway City Tours Belgium, the largest segway company in the country

Announcing The Destination Marketing Handbook for DMOs and DMCs

Why it's smart to use an online booking system year-round, even in low season

How to promote your tourism company through storytelling

What is Google Trips and what does it mean for tour and activity providers?

10 steps to mastering the art of storytelling

3 ways to end your tour with a bang!

9 ways mobile has changed travel (and what tour and activity operators can do about it)

How to monitor your company's online reputation the right way

6 ways a resource manager can change your business for the better

How to plan corporate events and reach a new target group

What a successful distribution strategy looks like for tour and activity operators

Twitter terminology: here's everything you need to know...

How to start a tourism business with design thinking in mind

10 tips to make more money with OTAs

Spotlight on Pearl Island Bahamas, and what it takes to run a successful island getaway

Distribution tips: Pros and cons of working with distribution channels

3 ways to manage your distribution on OTAs more effectively

How to increase the professionalism of your tourism company

Expert tip: What to do if PayPal doesn't work in your country

6 surefire ways to be more creative as a tourism pro

Expert checklist: How to sell segway tours successfully online

9 tips for making your water sports activities more attractive

Ultimate Mobile Photography Guide: how to take great photos on your smartphone [Ebook]

Spotlight on Aqua Mania Adventures, a top tour and activity company in the Caribbean

The secret to managing your tourism business on your smartphone

How DMOs can make their web-based marketing a success

4 recent social media updates you need to know about

Expert guide: How to create a post-trip survey

10 tips to sell vouchers online as a tour and activity company

How TrekkSoft enables experience-driven marketing for DMOs

7 ways to drive more engagement and earn more reach on Facebook

How DMOs should be using experience-driven marketing

6 ways to bring your tours and activities into the future

A marketing guide for each stage of the travel customer journey

The rise of experiential travel and its impact on tours and activities

How to provide a 5-star guest experience for your winter activities (hint: bring hot tea)

5 emerging winter sports trends to get your business booming

4 ways to build your tour or activity business in Andorra

TripAdvisor checklist: 20 steps to improve your ranking and reach #1

4 types of accommodation providers you can work with (and why)

Tourism trend: China is becoming a significant source market for Latin America

Tourism trend: exploring the rapid growth of mobile access in Latin America

How to improve your TripAdvisor ranking by understanding its algorithm

10 hidden Snapchat features tour and activity operators need to know about

Masterclass: how to build a powerful partner network in the tourism industry

Growth or recession? How Latin America's economy is affecting tourism (and what to expect in future)

5 growth opportunities for tour and activity operators in the Caribbean

Why tourism companies should work with online travel agents (and how)

7 alternative marketing strategies to sell more tours and activities

10 things to consider when transitioning to a new software solution

20 questions to ask during a booking software demo

Some advice on transitioning from Zerve to a new Software Supplier

Grow your tour or activity business with the right team, here's how

Spotlight on Bastimentos Alive and what it's like to start your own tour company

The 5 best ways to stay in touch with your customers pre- and post-trip as a tour operator

The magic of Trolltunga: the Norwegian rock that went viral and its social media lessons for tour operators [Whitepaper]

Five recent social media updates you need to know about

What Brexit means for UK travel and tourism and how companies can now move forwards

Introducing the TrekkSoft Affiliate Program (and how you can make money from every referral)

Spotlight on Simon Bosshart, Director of Asia Pacific and Global Accounts for Switzerland Tourism, and his insight into the Chinese market

The 8 destination marketing strategies with the highest ROI

Run city tours? Here are 4 ways to market your tour more effectively

Losing customers? Here's how tourism companies can win them back.

7 ways to beat the Instagram algorithm and get your content seen

Spotlight: Meet Chantel, founder of the ecotourism company Natural Greece

British inbound travel trends: 4 source markets to keep an eye on

4 powerful strategies to promote and sell your workshops and courses

5 things Austrian tour and activity providers can do today to stand out from the crowd

5 things all great tour guides have in common

4 tips to help you better manage your rental equipment

How to choose the perfect payment gateway for your tour or activity business

6 travel trends that American tourism companies need to know about

5 tips to rent your equipment and make money this season

8 ways to position yourself as an authoritative voice in the tours and activity industry

A guide to choosing the best booking software as a tour operator

6 reasons why an online Point of Sale Desk is an essential tool for your tour and activity business

We've partnered with Musement: here's what it means for your tour and activity business

Spotlight: Meet the energetic founder of Italy on a Budget, Irene Chimenti

Online Travel Agents are dominating the travel industry: here are 5 reasons why

10 types of content to publish to market your tour or activity

How to upsell activities during the booking process with add-ons

What you need to know about the health and wellness travel trend [Trend Report]

TrekkSoft partners with myobis to provide an even more powerful online booking solution

A free Instagram Guide to power-up your social media strategy

15 tips for running a successful Facebook contest

The Responsible Tourist: who are they and what do they want?

70 travel & tourism statistics to know about in 2016

3 types of partners you should work with to scale-up your distribution efforts

Spotlight on Alicia Drewnicki and how to market tourism products with Snapchat

Keep your customers coming back for more with these 6 simple steps

7 time-saving tricks to create regular content for your social channels

The travel and tourism trends to know about for summer 2016 [SlideShare]

5 critical factors for a well-presented tour or activity website

3 effective strategies to improve your TripAdvisor reviews

6 proven ways to improve your website user experience and get more tour bookings

8 tips to make a great video on the go to promote your tour or activity

How to ask for reviews without annoying your customers

How to stay on top of your social media during peak season

A practical guide to prepare your tourism company for the high season

The rise of solo travel and what this means for tours and activities

7 ways you can use LinkedIn to market your tour or activity

Spotlight interview with Ken Frohling, Vice President of Business Development at Viator

4 tips for Brazilian tourism companies to get ready for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Reduce no-shows for your tours and activities with these 5 tips

How DMOs and DMCs can benefit from adding an online booking system to their website

Advanced Facebook marketing – how to take your efforts to the next level

The 3 most important Brazil tourism trends for 2016 to be aware of

A short and sweet content guide for yachting and sailing companies

5 Russian tourism trends to know about for 2016-2020

9 ways to adapt your tours for active and fit travellers

Here's how to market your boat or yacht tours like a pro

10 tips for tour and activity operators to create a fantastic multi-day tour

7 effective ways to increase visitors to your tourism company website

10 tips to set up an effective booking process to charter your boat or yacht

Our guide to creating successful business partnerships - a vital part of your tour and activity marketing

HAPPY EASTER! We've got a free Facebook Design Kit for you this holiday.

9 marketing strategies for boat and yacht rentals and tour operators

Make 2016 a success as a Brazil tourism company, despite high inflation and slow economic growth

Here's what we learnt about millennials at the ITB Berlin 2016

12 tips to increase profits from your boat or yacht business

How to manage your social media accounts without losing your mind

Your guide to using Snapchat to market your tour and activity business

We've got you covered when it comes to Google Analytics: here are the basics explained

How to understand your customers by creating personas

10 tips for taking a great photo of your tour or activity in action

How to work with Airbnb hosts to promote your tours and activities

Reflecting on the first Travel Massive London in 2016, lessons learnt and what we're excited about

7 ways to be an exceptional tour guide

TrekkSoft partners with Fjord Norway to bring the Norwegian tour and activity market online

What to write about on your company’s blog (and how to make people care about it)

Spotlight: meet Captain Tony, the boat tour company growing on the edge of the desert

10 tips for tour and activity operators attending ITB Berlin

5 tips to make your Italian private tour a truly unique experience

6 ways to get more visitors visiting your attraction in the UK and Ireland with your TripAdvisor page

The new SEO rules: how to create quality and naturally SEO-friendly content

ITB Berlin 2016: what we're looking forward to at the world's leading travel trade show

10 ways to collect email addresses for tour or activity operators

5 ways to get more bookings for your Italian mountain tour or activity company

TrekkSoft around the globe: join our networking events and workshops in Italy this Februrary

5 tips to find the right price for your tours and activities

10 more online marketing challenges (and how to deal with them)

9 distribution channels for Italian tour and activity operators

5 tips for understanding today's traveller as a tourism company in 2016

10 ways to drive engagement on Instagram for tour or activity companies

4 of our best tips to run a fantastic culture or heritage tour

The TrekkSoft story: how a tech startup grew out of a Swiss mountain town

7 simple steps to creating your first Twitter ad campaign (and nailing it)

Here's what it's like to work at TrekkSoft and live in Interlaken, adventure capital of Europe

5 social media predictions & trends for 2016 (and what these mean for your business)

Here are 5 travel trends Italian tour and activity providers need to know about for 2016

9 ways to attract baby boomers to your tours and activities

6 ways to get your tour or activity company noticed by influencers in the travel industry

5 easy ways to market your tours and activities this Chinese New Year

9 ways to generate more word of mouth for your tours or activities

5 email service providers to kickstart your email marketing campaign

How to adapt your tours for budget travellers

5 reasons why you should sign up for Viator Marketplace integration

2015 at TrekkSoft: an infographic of our international team, travels and software

6 websites to bookmark for tour and activity industry news and trends

A pretty awesome and simple guide to Twitter Analytics

8 revenue opportunities for your tour or activity company in 2016

6 ways your company can up its emoji game on social media

Writing a blog post for search engines? Here’s our SEO checklist

Spotlight: Meet Joel Perrenoud, CEO of Diviac, the man transforming the scuba diving industry

5 Christmas hashtags to get your business noticed this season

7 marketing strategies for your rafting or kayaking business

6 travel trends for 2016 that will drive the global tourism industry

6 social media tips for Italian food and wine tour operators

The staycation trend: 9 creative ways to market your tours and activities to locals

5 travel trends tour and activity companies in Israel need to know about to prepare for 2016

A ten-step checklist for dive centers to improve their website

Why 2016 is the year for adventure travel (and what this means for tourism companies)

Ancillary revenue: what it is and how you can generate it?

7 ways to get more bookings for your surfing company

5 ways to create the best Christmas market tour in Europe

Five free image-editing apps you need to know about

5 travel trends for Germany to expect before 2020

Spotlight: meet the three brothers behind the Greek start-up Visit Meteora

How to benefit from Italy's status as a top luxury travel destination in 2016

How to get more sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Spotlight: business advice from Pauline Sanderson, lawyer turned world-class adventurer

Rio 2016: how the Olympic Games will affect Brazil's tourism industry

5 ways for Finnish tour and activity companies to make the most of Visit Finland

10 ways to grow your Instagram following

3 ways Spanish tour and activity companies can increase bookings this winter

8 ways to adapt your tours for millennials

How tour operators in Denmark can make the most of inbound tourism from neighbouring countries

Spotlight: Serbian Private Tours

10 online marketing challenges (and how to deal with them)

3 ways to take advantage of travel trends in Portugal

4 ways to attract British students to your tours and activities

A video insight into World Travel Market London 2015 with Jon Fauver and Colm Hanratty

New feature: have more freedom with the TrekkSoft Confirm/Charge Later feature!

6 of the most frustrating things that can happen to a tour guide

Writer's block: 10 ways for tour operators to generate ideas for content

3 lessons from the Greek tourism industry on how to beat capital control

4 tourism trends for 2016 for tour operators in France to know about

The ultimate guide to reaching the Chinese tourism market

5 strategies for tour and activity providers in Iceland to react to the expected tourism boom in 2016

How to create a business plan for a tour or activity company

Spotlight: Funky Chocolate Club in Interlaken

10 tools and apps to boost your Instagram activity as a tour operator or activity provider

New feature: Sync your TrekkSoft activities and guest manifests with your favorite calendar

The value of World Travel Market (WTM) in London for travel industry professionals

5 ideas to get more glowing reviews for your food tours or cooking classes

How ghost and mystery tours can make the most of Halloween to get more bookings

3 trends and 3 questions that Caribbean tour operators need to answer

3 new TrekkSoft features: activity inquiries, custom activity bookings, payment links

Spain’s tourism revival and how to get your tours back on the map

5 ways to adapt your tours for a luxurious traveller

7 winter sports industry insights that could make next ski season your most lucrative

A guide to visual content marketing for the tourism industry

The UK tourism influx: how Spain has made the most of it, plus what it means for tour and activity providers

5 strategies to drive bookings for your tour or activity business in the Caribbean

9 marketing tips to get more bookings for your ropes course or canopy tours business

10 must-have booking features for tour companies using WordPress

5 ways to optimise your website to suit the season

6 ways tour and activity companies in Norway can use the country's natural scenery as a marketing advantage

10 ways for tour and activity companies to get more followers on Twitter

How TrekkSoft can help your hostel generate revenue through the activities market

7 steps to creating your first Facebook Ad campaign for tour operators

6 creative long-term strategies to sell more fishing tours

10 ways to promote advance bookings for your tour or activity business

Yacht tour providers: use videos on your website and drive online bookings

8 add-ons to give away for free to increase the value of your product

9 ways to build your scuba diving or snorkelling business

Tourism in Latin America is booming: here's how tour operators can make the most of it

5 ways Croatian tour operators can use UNESCO heritage sites to market and build their business

10 ways to drive tour and activity sales during the off-season

Company of the week: MyVacationButlers

4 ways to attract group bookings for your tour or activity business

How Turkish tour and activity operators can use digital marketing to attract more customers

Eco Park business in Costa Rica uses TrekkSoft to step into the online market

4 tips to build an online presence for your hiking or trekking company

8 steps to run a successful flash sale

Key social analytics that tour & activity operators need to monitor

10 tips for making videos to promote your tour or activity

10 more reasons why email marketing should be a major part of your marketing strategy

Why you should encourage the use of apps during your birding tour

10 tips for working with travel bloggers

Building a social media strategy for your tour or activity company

Facebook Insights: 5 key statistics you should monitor to get the most out of your FB page

10 ways to market your tour and activity business with Google +

7 reasons customer reviews are important for your tourism website

Refer other businesses to TrekkSoft and start earning commission

Companies of the week: Historical walks while backpacking

10 more practical social media tips for your tour or activity company

10 tips for tour and activity companies to create an AdWords strategy

How to easily manage multiple tours with limited guides and kayaks

10 practical social media tips for your tour or activity company

Rafting company uses resource management tool to schedule guides

6 photo apps that turn every tour guide into a professional social media photographer

How being on a bucket list can drive bookings

Kiteboarding company uses TrekkSoft to organize their kiteboarding lessons

10 free Twitter tools to help you grow your account’s engagement

10 travel Twitter chats to join in to help promote your tour or activity

Five ways to increase your tour and activity sales by partnering with other companies

Fishing company uses TrekkSoft to maintain company image

10 ways to use Twitter to sell tours and activities

TrekkSoft's booking system allows wine companies to accept deposits

10 more ways to integrate social media with your tours and activities

Industry news: ITB Berlin, Instagram's New Feature, and more

How does the shift to mobile affect your tour and activity company?

Famous pub crawl uses voucher function to increase bookings

Largest walking tour company's booking software is powered by TrekkSoft

10 tips for using Instagram to sell tours and activities

TrekkSoft's eBook - Social Media Marketing for Tour and Activity Companies

Industry News: Expedia is at it Again and Tourism Growth in the Caribbean

10 ways to integrate social media into your tours and activities

Sailing company uses TrekkSoft to improve online sales

Industry News: London Welcomes Cyclists and Growing LGBT Market

Whale watching company expands reach with online marketing suite

10 reasons your tour or activity website needs a blog

10 must-have features for a good tour and activity booking engine

Industry News: ATTA partners with World Nomads and More

Custom Field Function helps Diving Planet Prepare for Dive Expeditions

Companies of the Week: Wine & Food of Rome, Split Excursions, My Tour Portugal

Top Ten Things to do in the Caribbean

Industry News: Microsoft shifting efforts on Bing Travel and more

Companies of the week: Preserving the LGBT community in Lisbon

Photography company uses customized website to improve branding

Industry News: Expedia announces two new tools, and Advertisers using Facebook more.

Introducing TrekkMarket, the TrekkSoft marketplace for tour and activity providers

Case study: 3 tour companies using TrekkSoft booking software in Ecuador

10 tips to sell your tours and activities with Facebook

7 reasons selling gift vouchers is great for tour and activity companies

Top 10 Things to do in Costa Rica

5 ways to start marketing your business like a professional with TrekkSoft

10 strategies to sell tours using social media

One company's quest to preserve Machu Picchu and its Surroundings

10 tips to help your website get more bookings

PolaWalk spotlight: a polaroid picture is worth a thousand words

Industry News: Student Travel Trends, Tourism in and out of America, and World Travel Market Anniversary

How to achieve sustainable tourism according to three travel companies

Industry News: World Tourism Day and other major events in the industry

TrekkSoft launches new app and card reader, enabling tour and activity companies to go mobile

TrekkSoft partners with Hotelplan Suisse to bring effective channel management of live inventory to the tour & activity segment

Press Release: TrekkSoft raises further $800k taking total funding to $1.6million

TripAdvisor and TrekkSoft partner to integrate and collect trip reviews

How to integrate TripAdvisor reviews with your TrekkSoft account

7 top tour companies in the British Virgin Islands

Solutions for online payment problems for tour operators in Ecuador

TrekkSoft was nominated for the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit!

TrekkSoft has a new WordPress Plugin and Widget Integration

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