How DMOs and DMCs can benefit from adding an online booking system to their website

Published by Lucy Fuggle on Apr 11, 2016 | 3 minute read

One of our biggest developments of 2016 has been our partnership with Fjord Norway, the official tourism board of Western Norway. A major part of the partnership has been creating a thriving network of tour operators, activity providers, and DMOs in the region, but another goal was to allow Fjord Norway to capture bookings and payments on their own website. 

There are several reasons for a tourism board to add a booking system to their own website: let's explore them in detail.


6 reasons why DMOs and DMCs should start accepting bookings and payments on their own website


1. You can act as a marketplace and invest directly in your region

Would it be fair to say that your website gets more traffic than your local tour and activity sites? Make the most of this audience: accept online bookings for your region's tours and activities, put a spotlight on these experiences, and invest directly in local success.


2. It helps you keep up with global and digital trends

The decision to accept online bookings is not only convenient for a region's tourists, it's increasingly necessary for digitally-minded markets. Unlike your office, an online system is always open for bookings, and with a multilingual system like TrekkSoft, your website becomes your greatest customer service tool. 

Visitors to your region are looking for real-time availability and bookings with a confirmed slot: it makes business sense to use software that provides an efficient alternative to outdated voucher systems.

Skiing activity providers 

3. You will use your local experiences to sell more bed nights

An online booking engine allows visitors to book as soon as they get inspired by your website, thus accelerating the transition from pre-trip research to booked nights and experiences. Do local suppliers a favour by allowing visitors to act on their enthusiasm for your region! 


4. You can take your destination marketing further

Go beyond using regional experiences simply as travel inspiration in your destination marketing. Let your visitors book the very best of your region on your website and channel their pre-trip excitement and satisfaction with your easy booking process into positive word of mouth on all channels.

 Bergen, Norway

5. You can create and nurture a thriving local network

By encouraging local suppliers to use a standardized booking system and develop greater collaboration, you give your region a stronger position in the market. Suppliers using TrekkSoft can also cross-sell through the Partner Network to drive local bookings and packages.


6. We have market proof that it works

We founded TrekkSoft to provide for Interlaken's local tour and activity industry, who were looking for a way to sell online and nurture greater cooperation. It worked: we created a close network of suppliers with online booking capacity, and as we've grown, we have successfully applied this to wider scales.

Here's Kristian B. Jørgensen, CEO of Fjord Norway, on the partnership with TrekkSoft:

Our goal was to find the best booking system for activities to make the Fjord Norway region even more available for visitors. After evaluating several world-leading booking systems, TrekkSoft was picked out as the best. We really look forward to offering all our best activities in cooperation with TrekkSoft.”

Norway nighttime boat trip


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