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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Sep 22, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

9 ways to build your scuba diving or snorkelling business

As you gain experience guiding scuba or snorkelling tours and broaden your client base, you will naturally build your business. However, it is also worth making a conscious effort to grow your scuba company with both short and long-term strategies. Here are 9 to get you started.

1. Work on your website

Make sure your website...
  • Is up-to-date with your contact and business details, scuba activity listings, and pricing
  • Displays functioning links to the social media platforms you use regularly
  • Is designed well, especially on the homepage, and doesn't make clients want to leave immediately.


2. Rent out your dive equipment online

Do you rent out your scuba or snorkelling gear? By adding an online rental system to your website, you could save yourself time and money while cutting down on admin. It will also prevent the risk of over-distributing equipment you don't have ready-to-go in the shop.


3. Enable online bookings for dive experiences

Likewise, an online booking engine is becoming a must-have for scuba guides and instructors. If customers can't quickly book what they want directly through your website, they may look elsewhere. Simplify the booking process for your clients and free up time for yourself to do more of what you love.


4. Promote your business on Facebook

If your Facebook page is gaining traction, it has visuals and clean text that make the page look great, and you're sharing quality content, it might be a good opportunity to give your page a boost with paid advertising. You can "promote your page", "promote your website", or "boost a post".

Each has their own advantages. Start with a low advertising budget, use specific targeting, and see if it provides you with the effects you want for your scuba business.


5. Take advantage of the visual aspect of social media

Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are inherently visual, and great platforms for you if you have high-quality scuba photos and videos to share. That said, all social media channels have become more visual.

Eye-catching photos are just as at home on your Facebook page, so avoid text-only updates whenever possible.You can take a look at our complete visual content marketing guide to improve your strategy.


6. Cross-sell with other tour and activity providers

TrekkSoft's Partner Network allows you to cross-sell scuba and snorkelling activities with other TrekkSoft users, providing customers with greater choice and a more versatile experience. You can let global travel agents book directly into your system with our connectivity tools. Why not open your scuba business to the world?


7. Make a name for yourself in your local area

It's important to focus on your local environment too. If you have a strong community and network around you, you'll be more likely to gain customers through word-of-mouth recommendations. Organise dive activities, attend local events, and make time for the social side of building a business.


8. Improve your web content

It's not just about making your website look great and facilitating online bookings - your text content has to also win your clients over. Go through your website and:

  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Think about whether your content effectively expresses the personality of you and your business

  • Consider if you're happy with the voice and tone that's used, alongside if your target client will respond well to it

  • Look into your use of keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Are you using the same words that customers will type in to find you on Google?

  • Check if you use a clear call-to-action on your pages (e.g. "Book your guided diving tour in Bali now")

9. Think about offline marketing materials

Digital marketing is a huge part of any scuba or snorkelling business, but you can't neglect offline advertising either. Think about print materials, alongside freebies that you can hand out after a dive. Stickers, pens, and other inexpensive marketing products can turn happy customers into loyal ambassadors after they leave the resort and return home.


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