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Travel trends that will drive the tourism industry in 2019

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For tour and activity operators, it can be challenging to find current travel trends and statistics without having to research varies articles across the web. In this chapter, we have used the findings of our 2018 Travel Survey and key news articles so that you can read everything in one chapter.

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Published by Franziska Wernet | Nov 15, 2016 | | 4 MIN READ

Interlaken Tourism: How the successful DMO is evolving with TrekkSoft to meet new travel demands

This article has been adapted from the original German post by Franziska Klein

One of the guiding principles of Tourism Organisation Interlaken says: "Our guest is the focus of every activity and consideration." Thus, it was obvious to look out for a system focusing on the guest and providing an excellent customer experience.

Interlaken Tourism has been TrekkSoft's customer since 2011. From rafting to rope parks, they act as a regional market place online, offering all the activities found in the local tour and activity industry.

Read on to find out how Interlaken Tourism is using TrekkSoft and how all stakeholders (tour and activity providers, partners and especially guests) benefit from it.    

The Tourism Organization Interlaken (TOI) is an association made up of six municipalities: Interlaken, Matten, Unterseen, Wilderswil, Saxeten and Gsteigwiler.

We spoke to Antoinetta Grosjean, Product Manager of Interlaken Tourism, to highlight how the TrekkSoft booking solution is successfully implemented with destination management organizations


The website of Interlaken Tourism offers a variety of activities from local providers. 


Why did you choose TrekkSoft?




"Due to the increasing trend towards online inquiries and bookings, we were looking for a partner who could fulfill our needs online and offline."

- Antoinetta Grosjean, Product Manager Interlaken Tourism



"Therefore, we decided to use TrekkSoft - a local operating company - that already served some activity providers such as Outdoor Interlaken, Seilpark Interlaken and Jetboat. We are convinced that TrekkSoft's innovative and solution-oriented booking software can help us reach our business goals. While the booking tool we used before had no print at home feature, with TrekkSoft it is also possible to have customized tickets that are sent out to guests instantly after booking." 




What is your most used feature of TrekkSoft (favorite feature)?

Interlaken Tourism uses many of the available features in their day-to-day-business.  

They use the inventory to organize all activities and set up content (including images, videos and information) in one place, especially at the beginning of high season. All connected partners, such as tourist offices and activity providers, can book guests directly through the agent desk via any device. Best of all, every partner has access to the real-time availabilities, so overbookings are no longer an issue.

Additionally, with the TrekkSoft's reporting tool, it is very simple to set up the right commission for every partner and reseller. The use of discount codes enables them to set up marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social media channels, converting views into customers -- and even repeat customers! 



What was your greatest outcome while using TrekkSoft?

"TrekkSoft's system has opened up new possibilites that have led us to develop our own activities that can be booked online..."

"Before, our staff had to manage different booking platforms to book guests on adventure activities. With TrekkSoft the whole booking process is much easier. A significant result of these conversions are the booking rates of TOI, which have increased in recent years. Between 2012 to 2013, booking rates increased by 27%, while between 2013 and 2014, bookings increased by 119% and by 29% from 2014 to 2015. At the same time, we saved time organising activities with the use of the live-inventory." 

Due to the personalized booking app offered by TrekkSoft, there was an increase in website visits to the Interlaken Tourism website as well. Acting as a local marketplace allows local activity companies like Outdoor Interlaken or Jetboat to increase their reach and eventually increase bookings.

 "With the reporting tool, which was released a few months ago, it is even easier for me to create statistics and analyze our offers.“



 "A visitor is taking a picture along the Höhematte [can] publish it on his social media account due to the free WiFi access in our region. This connectivity is priceless word of mouth marketing and shows how important an active presence on social media is. We are actively involved on various social media channels and try to connect and dialogue with guests.“

- Interlaken Tourism



TOI's Facebook account has +39.000 Likes. Through Facebook the DMO is staying in contact to its customers and providing them regularly information of Interlaken and the surrounding area. 


Interlaken Tourism is well represented in the world of social media. They've been using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram since 2015 and record them daily. With these channels, Interlaken Tourism is able to expand their reach and evolve their brand. At the same time, they are able to offer efficient customer service, promote selected offers and stay in direct contact with their customers to get regular feedback via guest surveys. 



 Interlaken Tourism has been using Instagram since 2015. Find out, how you can use Instagram successfully, in our Instagram Guide

What challenges are you expecting Interlaken Tourism to encounter and what difficulties do you see in the tourism industry in general? 

"We see a great challenge in meeting the changing needs of our guests, while at the same time educating local people to the importance of tourism.


See here an interview of Stefan Otz (director of Interlaken Tourism until August 2016) on how they use TrekkSoft: 



Are you interested in having your own activity marketplace for your DMO and to increase additional revenue? Arrange a personal meeting with one of our DMO managers today. 


Get data-driven insights into remaining relevant as a DMO in our latest research report:

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