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Published by Stephanie Kutschera | Jul 23, 2019 | | 1 MIN READ

Why is website traffic important when choosing an OTA?

Website traffic is an important factor when selecting which platforms you wish to work with. The number of visitors equals the number of opportunities you have to attract new customers. The percentage of users by location should be best matched with your target market, tourism to your location, flight/travel connections and visa requirements.

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Viator's site brings in close to 9 million visitors a month, with 38.7% of traffic coming from the United States, 6.6% from the UK, 4.5% from Canada and 4% from Australia and 4%. The site ranks globally at 5921, and 2721 in the United States.


Expedia Local Expert

Expedia attracts almost 60 million visitors a month, with 79% of traffic coming from the United States, 1.17% from Canada, 0.91% from Israel, 0.80% from Mexico and only 0.79% from the UK.

Globally, the website ranks at 609 as of today and ranks 137 in the US. It also ranks number 4 in the tourism category.

While Expedia Local Expert, the tour and activities section of the website still lags behind, in time the site will see tremendous growth as they continue to direct traffic from
Expedia to Local Expert.



GetYourGuide, on the other hand, has an audience of 4.3 million visitors a month, with mixed sources of traffic: 17.9% from the US, 9.75% from the UK, 4.49% from Germany, 3.53% from Australia and 3.5% from Spain. With a volume of traffic, the site also ranks lower across the board, with a global ranking of 15,559, US rank of 13,924 and 112 in the tourism category.

Do note with these figures that GetYourGuide is its own platform exclusively for attractions. Viator, however, is driven by TripAdvisor traffic, and Expedia has a much more varied offering with hotels, flights and car rentals. Both websites will always reach a higher volume of traffic, but not all visitors will be your target audience.


Airbnb Experiences attracts more than 75 million website visitors a month and ranks 2nd in the accommodation and hotels category. Traffic comes predominantly from the United States
(59%). However, Airbnb has location-specific websites for the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Russia which generate an average of 12 million visitors per site.


Civitatis has around 1.44 million website visitors per month, with 65.5% coming from Spain, 9.16% from Argentina, 3.26% from Mexico and 1.97% from Chile. Civitatis use a range of location specific domains and website subdomains to attract travelers so their reach will be much larger.

In 2017, Civitas completed a full redesign of their website which has increased traffic from Europe.


Klook is ranked 120 in the tourism category. The website attracts around 4.93 million visitors each month predominantly from the Asian market. 36.16% of users are located in Taiwan, 12.42% in Hong Kong, 8.78% Vietnam and 6.86% Singapore. 4.59% of users are located in the United States.

We will expect to see an increase in the United States and European countries in 2019.


Find updated web traffic stats on Viator here, GetYourGuide here, Expedia here, Airbnb here, Civitatis here and Klook here.


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