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Published by Licia Moura | Dec 1, 2020 | | 2 MIN READ

How tour and activity operators use gift cards and vouchers to boost cashflow

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it's a good time to set up your gift cards and vouchers. If you've never done this before, or are looking for tips to improve your current program, here are some helpful hints and tips that can help you maximize its potential.

How to make the most of your gift cards and vouchers

Spread the word through all pertinent channels

Maximize your reach by making gift cards and gift vouchers available to customers in both offline and online channels. For example, make sure they are visible at your reservation desk or, if you use email marketing, create a campaign for it.

Take an active role in social media

To promote your gift cards and vouchers more effectively, create posts about them frequently. You can also boost the visibility of these posts by using social ads. Similarly, you can incentivize followers to share and engage with your posts by running contests.

Make sure your design is appropriate for the season

When designing your gift cards, make sure they reflect the season. This will make them more appealing and make them a better candidate for gifting. For example, if you offer gift cards at the end of the year, they can have a festive or year-end design. You can also offer designs for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Partner with other businesses to increase your brand's reach

You can partner with other businesses that offer complementary products and services to your own, thus increasing the reach of your promotion and reaching new customers.


How to set up gift cards or vouchers with TrekkSoft

With TrekkSoft, there are three different ways to set up gift cards and vouchers:

1. Set up gift vouchers as a voucher Schedule Type, with no pre-set dates.

Learn more about voucher Schedules >>

2. Set up gift cards as a Shop Item, just like how you would set up souvenirs you want to sell online.

Learn about Shop Items >>

3. Set up gift cards as an add-on which will be displayed to customers as they complete their booking process. 

Learn how to set up Add-Ons >>


If you're a TrekkSoft customer and would like help to set up your gift cards or vouchers, please email us at


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