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Published by Licia Moura | Dec 1, 2020 | | 3 MIN READ

How tour and activity operators use Gift Cards and Vouchers to boost cashflow

I recently spoke with some of our customers who have done well despite the current crisis and asked about the initiatives that helped their businesses. 

Apart from ensuring that customers can easily book an experience online and delivering a great experience during the tour, these businesses also sold vouchers or gift cards to generate cashflow during the pandemic


Distribution of voucher sales from hotel booking software firm Bookassist

Now is a great time to set up your vouchers and promote them to your customers as well. Based on data from hotel booking software Bookassist, the spike in voucher sales over the Christmas period in 2019 could be something tour and activity operators replicate over the holidays and special occasions such as Valentines Day


Best practices to set up Gift Cards and Vouchers

Here's how other TrekkSoft companies are using Gift Certificates during the pandemic:


Veronality asked potential and existing customers to support them by purchasing gift vouchers to generate cashflow during the pandemic. They also ensured customers that vouchers can be redeemed throughout 2020 and 2021.

How they did it: This Gift Card was setup as a Shop Item


Cat Helicopters

This Barcelona-based company is giving customers the option to book tours without pre-defined dates, allowing them to schedule a tour at a later date. This flexibility in necessary during this time and Cat Helicopters used it to encourage bookings despite the current climate. 

How they did it: This voucher was setup as a Voucher schedule


High Tide

At High Tide, customers can buy Gift Vouchers ranging from CHF 30 to CHF 105 for customers to give to their loved ones or even use it for themselves. Similar to the other companies listed, this has been a good way to secure cashflow despite not being able to run as many tours as they could previously. 

How they did it: This Gift Card was setup as a Shop Item



How to set up Gift Cards or Vouchers with TrekkSoft

With TrekkSoft, there are three different ways to setup Gift Cards and Vouchers:

1. Setup Gift Vouchers as a Voucher Schedule type, with no pre-set dates.

Learn more about Voucher Schedules >>

2. Setup Gift Cards as a Shop Item, just like how you would setup souvenirs you want  to sell online.

Learn about Shop Items >>

3. Setup Gift Cards as an Add-on which will be displayed to customers as they complete their booking process. 

Learn how to setup Add-Ons >>


If you're a TrekkSoft customer and would like help to setup your Gift Cards or Vouchers, please send us an email at


Would you like to learn more about TrekkSoft? 

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