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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Sep 7, 2015 | | 1 MIN READ

4 ways to attract group bookings for your tour or activity business

Activities such as paintballing and kayaking are most fun when enjoyed as a group, especially for teambuilding days, school trips, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Having a booked-up tour is also always good for business.

If you are a tour or activity provider with a service that particularly appeals to groups, a central part of your marketing strategy should be reaching out to these people.

1. Provide target groups with discount codes or vouchers

If you're looking to attract more group bookings for your tour or activity company, it helps to provide an incentive.

Bachelorette groups may be attracted to discounted city bike tours, while paintballing birthday parties can get expensive for parents if they don't receive a group discount. Think about your target audience and who will be most incentivized by a discount.

If you use TrekkSoft, you can take advantage of the discount and voucher codes feature to boost your bookings this way.


2. Use paid search strategies such as AdWords to target specific groups

As explained by our TrekkSoft paid search specialist, AdWords allows your tour and activity company to show ads to potential customers who are searching on Google for the service or product you provide. Plan your strongest keywords, include the region where you are based in your ad copy, and track your conversions.


Another advantage is that it works on a pay per click (PPC) basis, so you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. To give you a simple introduction to this type of advertising, we've created our Google AdWords Handbook for Tour and Activity Providers.


3. Ensure that your marketing is targeted to groups

Market your activities as ideal for groups and it will be easier to attract your target client base. To get started, you can make sure to include photos and videos of larger groups as visual marketing on your website and in your social media strategy.

You can also collect testimonials from groups (such as a company who used your activity as a teambuilding event) to use when promoting your tour company. To boost your online marketing strategy, you can use our Ultimate Social Media Guide as a starting point:

Ultimate social media guide ebook


4. Make sure your booking system can handle it

If you want to encourage group bookings, you should ensure that:

  1. Your website has an integrated booking and rental system
  2. Your activity listings are up-to-date and allow for larger bookings without leaving you overbooked and overworked

To help you to achieve this and build your business, we developed TrekkSoft's streamlined online booking and payment software. Why not request your free consultation and demo with our experienced Swiss-based team?

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