Nov 7, 2019 |

How to analyse your demand to optimise tours and increase revenues

I've been speaking to many of our customers in the last few months and a topic that keeps coming up is how to increase bookings while maintaining a healthy margin. As an operator, you have to get enough bookings to cover the cost of your guides, your permits, your boats, your offices and more. 

The tendency to rely solely on 3rd party channels to bring in bookings is affecting revenues due to high commission rates charged by OTAs like TripAdvisor Experiences and Get Your Guide. However, paying a 25% commission to get 100% occupancy for a boat tour isn't always a bad thing.

Anastasia Sviridenko

Anastasia Sviridenko
Anastasia Sviridenko is responsible for content marketing at TextMagic. She's always on the lookout for new exciting ways to create and promote content.

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