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Kyle McCarthy is a founder of Family Travel Forum, trusted by those who "Have Kids, Still Travel!" for vacation planning since 1996. As editor, she writes regularly for (chosen by the Wall St. Journal as “Best for Grandparents”), contributes to US News & World Report on travel and trends, and has provided custom content to, Travelocity, Discovery and many other brands.
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How to run a FAM trip and get the media coverage you deserve

Published by Kyle McCarthy on May 3, 2018 | 4 minute read

This is a guest post written by Kyle McCarthy, editor for My Family Travels. You can find more of her work here

We know every travel destination wants publicity, and every tour operator and supplier wants their services recommended. Like most media outlets who cover travel, I’ve grown up with some rules about how FAM trips work. The trouble is, those rules keep changing, and travel hosts are often not aware of it.

You can avoid misunderstandings by building and maintaining a relationship with local media. Attend conferences, trade shows, and events to meet people. Send out email press releases to vendors, partners, newswires, and websites that cover your destination, and of course, don’t forget to share news on social media. Most importantly, follow up on any requests for information. This way, you’ll have some media ‘friends’ to invite on your next FAM trip.

If you’re inviting media you don’t know, here are some strategies for making sure a trip you host is well covered in the media.

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