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Published by Colm Hanratty | Jul 23, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

10 ways to market your tour and activity business with Google +

When it comes to choosing what social channel to be active on, Facebook and Twitter are usually the ones that grab the limelight. One that is too many times overlooked is Google+. This is done naively…

Google+ can’t be ignored because of one key word – Google. Not incorporating this channel into your online marketing strategy would be naïve. It could also be costly. If you’re looking to up the ante with your G+ activity and you’re looking for advice, here are 10 tips…

1. Have a strategy

Like with all social media marketing, you need to have a strategy in place. What are you using it for? Who’s going to manage it? What will success look like? These are just some questions to ask yourself before engaging in activity on G+. Once you’ve answered them you’ll have a better understanding of what your overall stratey is.

2. Always think of SEO

Google+ posts rank in Google. We’ve all seen them appear in search results. With this in mind, always add key words to the copy of your posts. This gives you a better chance of reaching page one of a desired search term for those people who have added you to their circles – something that would be otherwise very difficult to do.

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3. Have a content calendar

Too many times I come across businesses who start sharing content regularly on a channel, then stop. This is regularly down to one thing – lack of a content calendar. By using one and updating it regularly, you’ll find maintaining a presence on G+ become second nature.

4. Use great imagery

Good imagery is pivotal when it comes to most social networks, including Google+. Photo posts take up more real estate than other types of post, thus generating the most engagement. If you want lots of +1s and Shares, you need good images.

5. Use bold and italics

Unlike most other social networks, Google+ lets you edit the text within the post. This means you can bold, italicise and underline text to your heart’s content. By doing so you’ll also ensure your text stands out on the page that little more than normal.

6. Experiment with all types of content

To truly get the most out of Google+, as well as the different sub-platforms, you need to experiment with the content. Photos might be the type of content that get you the widest reach in theory, but share videos you might have on YouTube, post links to see what your clickthrough rate is like and update your status with nothing only text to see what your followers engage in the most.

7. Use hashtags

While hashtags were initially a Twitter phenomenon, now they’re visible on every social channel. By using them you will increase the chances of bringing your content to a wider audience, thus increasing brand awareness. There’s no character limit, but don’t go overkill and #turn #every #word #into #a #hashtag.

8. Utilise all Google+ products

Google+ is more than simply a place to share photos, videos and status updates. It’s a place where you can broadcast via Google Hangouts, join groups through Google Communities and using Google Collections you can group your posts by topic. Sharing content in these breakaway channels will increase your overall visibility.

9. Send an email to your database letting them know you’re there

Growing a following organically can be a slow and sometimes painful process. Growing one via paid activities can be an expensive one. If you need to grow your G+ following quickly, an email to your database is a great way to get a quick jump in followers


10. Analyse your data

The only way to see how your strategy is performing is by constantly analysing data. Check your analytics to see how much traffic Google+ is driving. Click on images a day or two after they’re shared to see how many views they’ve received. Monitor status updates that are looking for a response to see how many people have responded.


Then once you have accrued all information, see what’s working, what isn’t and what actions should be taken.

Are you using Google+ as part of your social media strategy?

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Colm Hanratty
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