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How to make your booking software work for agent sales

How to make your booking software work for agent sales

Posted by Nicole Kow
Aug 9, 2019
2 min read

Working with travel agents and promoters can be a great way to increase your company's bookings online and in-destination.

Whether it's having someone give out flyers on a busy street or partnering with visitor centres to promote your trips, TrekkSoft can support any sales strategy you adopt. 

Who are your agents and resellers? 

When we talk about agents and resellers, we're referring to individuals or companies who help you sell your inventory. This could be a travel agent on the other side of the world, a tour operator reselling your trips on a neighbouring island, or a student working part-time to sell your tours in your city. 


For offline sales

For companies who want to invest in offline and in-destination promotion, having someone distribute fliers can be a great way to get started. 

TrekkSoft solution: To track the effectiveness of this strategy, you could setup a code for the agent so that it also doubles up as a discount code. This is a great way to incentivise travellers to book with the code so that you can track performance. 


For sales by destination companies and visitor centres

Tour companies can also choose to work with visitor centres or tourist information points to promote their tours. For a seamless and quick sales process, as opposed to calling or emailing suppliers to check for availabilities, resellers should have access to your latest availabilities. 

TrekkSoft solution: You can create an agent account for the reseller and give them access to your live inventory. With TrekkSoft, an agent can be setup as an individual or as a team with many members (or what we call Users). The latter setup works great when you work with another company with multiple employees. 

Once agents have been created, you can adjust their account permissions and control the parts of the software they can access. Agents will also have access to TrekkSoft's booking tools such as our mobile app and POS Desk. 

Case study: Oslo Visitor Centre resells tours and rentals from Viking Biking

Viking Biking is Oslo's leading provider of bike tours and rentals, reselling other outdoor activities via TrekkSoft's POS desk.

"Oslo's tourism office was our main reseller and started booking tours and rentals directly thanks to our POS desk. As a result, we started reselling outdoor tours and activities from other like-minded companies in Oslo, broadening our online portfolio. Today, the tourism office uses our POS Desk as a one-stop-shop for all active and outdoor tours in Oslo."

- Curtis Rojak, Owner and Managing Director at Viking Biking


Collaborating with other tour operators

Build a bigger pie, don't fight for a big piece of a small pie.

- Jon Fauver, Outdoor Interlaken

A great way to grow your destination as a whole is to promote all the different experiences your destination has to offer. On your website, you can list and resell other tours that compliment yours. Your business partners can do the same too. 

TrekkSoft solution: Use the Partner Network to connect with other in-destination suppliers who also use TrekkSoft. Track sales and commissions, and let TrekkSoft manage the payouts to both parties with Split Payments. 

Alternatively, you can create a regular agent account for partners who do not use TrekkSoft. 


Getting offline suppliers to go online with minimal effort

In situations where local suppliers are hesitant to adopt online sales strategies, companies wanting to resell this inventory can setup a simplified version of TrekkSoft known as Managed Merchants. 

Your suppliers can add their tours and activities, enter prices and schedules, and only share their availabilities with the reseller's account. 

While a Managed Merchant account has limited functionalities (i.e. they can't set up their own agents or upload their tours on other marketplaces), suppliers will have access to their booking records and sales reports to keep track of sales and commissions.


Interested in learning how different sales channels can increase your bookings?

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Nicole Kow
Posted by Nicole Kow
After graduating from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team six years ago. Today, she leads all marketing and communication strategies to deliver the best content across all channels.
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