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How to maximise sales of every tour

Depending on how your tours are structured, you either have tours with high fixed costs or high variable costs. 

High fixed costs mean that regardless of the number of people going on your tour, the costs you incur to run the tour doesn't change. For tours like these, usually bus tours, boat tours or even transfers, it is crucial for operators to get as many people booked up to maximise your revenue.

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Published by Stephanie Kutschera | Oct 10, 2018 | | 1 MIN READ

How a partner network can bring destination success

We’ve been writing a lot recently about marketing for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). You can check out our free eBook ‘The Destination Marketing Handbook’, which is filled with useful tips on how to market your destinations and experiences.

Skift recently published a blog titled '4 Trends Defining Tourism Marketing in 2018.' Dan Peltier wrote, ‘We’ve seen a lot of tried-and-true marketing tactics from destinations this year, but we also saw some newer, smarter strategies on how to use the masses of content and opinions available these days, thanks to social media.’

One trend in the article stood out as an excellent marketing strategy for destinations. It's easily achievable, makes business sense, and surprising that more destinations are not utilizing opportunities to collaborate.



In 2018, statistics were released of the destinations visited by US travelers. Results showed that 9% of US travelers who visited Iceland in 2017 also visited Copenhagen. Two big players in the tourism industry, Visit Denmark and Icelandair, seen an opportunity not only to cross-promote, but to create a genius marketing campaign.

Neither organization had a large budget to spend, so they worked with director Vincent Urban to produce a showcasing video 'that takes architecture, natural scenes, people, and activities from both destinations to show how two places more than a thousand miles apart can have similarities.’


The Result:

By working together, both organizations were able to be think outside of the box to design something creative and unique. It also allowed them to share the budget, resources and cross-promoting opportunities. 

Visit Denmark will show 30-second versions of the video using YouTube ads, whilst Icelandair will play the full video on all in-flight entertainment on flights departing from US airports. 


“By partnering around a joint brand message, we effectively leverage the strength of a DMO with the strength of a commercial brand.” 

Tai Klan, Marketing Manager USA for Visit Denmark


Despite being 1,815 km apart, the two destinations are now linked due to a common market. I'd recommend any business to take a look at where your customers visit and how could you use this to promote your destination or experiences. Opportunities may be closer than you think. 


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Stephanie Kutschera
Published by Stephanie Kutschera
Stephanie is Head of Marketing at TrekkSoft. She has worked in marketing for over 8 years in various business sectors across the UK. She loves exploring and taking part in tours & activities around the world.
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