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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Oct 23, 2015 | | 3 MIN READ

5 ideas to get more glowing reviews for your food tours or cooking classes

As a food tour guide or cooking class provider, your number one priority is great food. You provide your customers with tasty morsels that take them on a gastronomic journey through your culture, heritage, and lifestyle.

You understandably want to open up this experience to many more people. And there's one clear solution: having a selection of great reviews of your food tours on TripAdvisor, your website, and in your wider marketing.

Here are 5 of our best ideas to get more positive customer reviews for your food tours or workshops.

1. Provide your customers with unique one-off tasting experiences

It's fair to say that your tours attract a lot of foodies. Whether you offer a tapas sampling tour in Barcelona or a cheese and chocolate tour of Interlaken in Switzerland (our TrekkSoft hometown) your customers want authentic experiences.

Present your guests with food that they can't get at home, or can't get to such an authentic standard. If you offer a cooking class, let customers enjoy mastering the art of cooking something new.

The most successful food tours provide a kind of "bucket list" experience: allowing customers to sample food that they may not otherwise have a chance to taste.


2. Explain the story behind the food

Your customers want to know the story of the food they're tasting. If guests have something to ponder as they taste the food it can enhance their experience, and can also provide them with a story to share online and with friends.

Try answering these questions:

What journey did the food go on before reaching the plate?

Where were the ingredients sourced?

Who made it?

Why is it an important part of your culture or heritage?

Why does the food matter to you? Why should it matter to your customers?


3. Make your food tours an opportunity to fully integrate with your culture

One thing is certain: foodies want authentic dishes, not inferior imposters. With that in mind, it's worth asking how you can make your tours as authentic as possible for your customers.

Mull over the following questions:

How is the food properly served?

What do you traditionally drink with it?

Are there any other customs or traditions that you can share with your tour customers?

4. At the end of a great tour or class, ask your customers for a review

You've put all of your knowledge and experience plus a few anecdotes into a food tour, and you're now ready to say goodbye to your customers. What do you do before they leave? Ask for a review.

Let customers know that if they enjoyed the food tour, the best thing they can provide you with is a great online review. Share your TripAdvisor link with them and mention any other platforms you're active on. You could explain that many of your customers find your business through reviews, so it's a big part of your business growth.

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5. Once you have a selection of excellent reviews, display them on your website

You'll want to show off your array of positive reviews. By using TrekkSoft online booking software on your website, you can integrate your TripAdvisor account to display your reviews and make customers more likely to press the "book now" button.

Reviews inspire trust, and many people won't book a tour before reading them. This doesn't have to be a concern: with a bit of effort it can work in your favour, especially for high-quality, engaging food tours that provide customers with a once in a lifetime experience to take home.

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What strategies do you use to get more positive reviews for your food tours or cooking classes? To help you show off the reviews on your website to more people, here's our free SEO handbook:

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