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Post pandemic travel trends: how travelers choose tours in 2022

Post pandemic travel trends: how travelers choose tours in 2022

After a few years of ups and downs and a very uncertain tourism market, we're now reaching the end of the pandemic. During the last couple of years, we have tried new approaches, markets, and even new tours and activities to adapt to travel and health measures. Now that travel is back and Covid-19 restrictions eased, travel and tourism companies can reorganize their business and prepare for what's next.

In this article, you will learn more about the post-pandemic travel trends and how your tour and activity company can develop strategies to embrace how consumers are choosing to travel.


10 Post pandemic travel trends

1. There is a strong and growing will for traveling.

Those lockdown months had made people keen for new experiences and a chance to travel again. Searching for freedom, happiness, and filling their bucket list, travelers feel ready to book their dream vacation. Whether you're located in a vacation destination or not, providing the best customer experience is one way of gaining those travelers' hearts.

To increase bookings, work with strategies that drive higher revenues. Think about your customer's buying journey and how you can reach them at every stage. To help you plan your marketing tactics, read our blog A marketing guide for each stage of the travel customer journey.

2. Digital information. Travelers want all the helpful information online.

Already earlier in the Covid-19 pandemic, there were surveys, such as Google/Kantar, 2020 China Travel Research New Normal of Travel in APAC, 2020, that showed that 6 out of 10 consumers in China prefer online travel agents (OTAs) to book their travel plans. Many other pieces of research and surveys are showing that most bookings happen online.

Besides offering online booking, providing valuable services and information - such as safety and travel information, guarantees travelers the possibility of having a great experience, as although travel restrictions have been eased, there are still some potential restrictions imposed due to vaccination and recovery in each country.

3. Marketing activations to keep your brand top-of-mind.

If customers have interacted with you previously, don't waste the opportunity to reinforce your business and provide personalized offerings. You can do this with email automation, Ads, and more.

If you want to learn more about marketing strategy, read How to build an effective marketing funnel for tour and activity operators. This article will teach you why you need a marketing funnel strategy and some tips for your tourism business.

4. The reason why people travel has changed.

Travel agents and operators are seeing significant growth in booking compared to last year as consumers' confidence is returning. While before Covid-19, people were traveling for different reasons after the pandemic with its restrictions and limitations, travelers are now searching for rich and meaningful experiences. More and more customers are seeking to complete their bucket list items.

5. People are flying again.

During the Covid-19, we saw an increase in domestic and road trip travelers. Even though there are still restrictions, such as the mandatory use of masks on planes and in airports, according to The International Air Transport Association (speaking for nearly 300 airlines), there is an estimated 150% growth in people flying in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Make sure to inform your customers of your country's entry requirements and restrictions, you can do it through a blog post and social media.

6. Mobile booking on the rise.

People are searching and booking through their mobiles. Travelers are trusting their phones, and now they expect to be able to rely on all their planning and booking on just one device. To learn more effective ways of reaching your customer via the website, read 9 online marketing challenges (and how to deal with them).

7. Hotels are trying to recover their guests.

To adapt to the new requirements of guests, hotels are trying to increase their booking with some upgrades. During the pandemic, many travelers preferred rental residences, where they could have more privacy and spend more days in a destination. In 2022 hotels are investing in gaining digital nomads' trust, offering workspaces, automation such as keyless check-in, and other new experiences.

8. Big cities can expect an increasing number of tourists.

City travel is making its comeback in 2022. After a couple of years of people avoiding the metropolis, travelers are ready to explore the city again this year. Destinations that offer museums, culture, restaurants, and more, such as Paris and London, are experiencing the recovery. According to Scott's Cheap Flights data, both European destinations are top searched.

9. "Work from anywhere" changes the duration of travel.

Many companies are functioning fully remote, or even hybrid, allowing people to work from any location they want. Because of that, there's been an increase in more extended stays; for example, an Airbnb report showed that in a quarter of 2021, one of every five bookings was for 28 days or longer, and almost half of all reservations were for a week or longer.

10. Families in search of opportunities for learning.

Education has become a searched activity among family travels. Thematic classes in the destination are gaining popularity. Now kids can learn about history while visiting in real life the museums and buildings on tour with itineraries focused on them; some companies are offering courses such as science and art focused on kids.

Combining outdoor activities with culture immersion is how families choose to travel in 2022.


How to stand out with post-pandemic travel trends

Tourism is an industry that will continue to grow. The expectations for 2022 are very high, and to seize the opportunity, think of what you are offering and how. If you want to know more about planning for the future, read Risk Management for Tour and Activity Companies.

Now that you know which are the main post-pandemic travel trends, here some extra tips to keep in mind when planning your strategies for 2022:

  • For booking: remember to offer flexibility and give all the information online and quickly accessible.
  • For tours and activities: many travelers might continue to prefer smaller or private tours. Make sure to continue offering authentic experiences in different formats.
  • See what marketing strategies you can embrace: for example, TikTok has become the perfect channel to attract tourists. Despite most expecting TikTok to be just for Gen Z, the fastest-growing segment of app users are between people in their 25 to 39 years old.
  • Trends can change overnight, so monitor the movements to be prepared.

The pandemic has forced the travel and tourism industry to evolve, and companies who want to stay ahead of the curve need to be aware of the latest post-pandemic trends.
Our team can help you make sure your business is up-to-date on the latest changes and ready for what’s next in this rapidly changing industry.

Are you prepared for post-Covid travelers? Contact us today to find out how TrekkSoft can help you streamline your business and convert more website visitors into sales.


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