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3 tips to promote your tours and activities with the help of resellers

Published by Claudio Bellinzona on Jan 30, 2017 | 3 minute read

Editor's note:  This is a guest post from Claudio Bellinzona, COO and co-founder of Musement, a digital travel companion and personal concierge for travel activities around the world. With the TrekkSoft integration, you can resell your tours on the Musement marketplace via the Channel Manager. Claudio is well-known for his digital media expertise and has co-founded a publishing and well-known restaurant guide. 

Old habits die hard. When you’ve taken care of business one way for a long time, stepping outside your comfort zone to implement a new practice is challenging in any line of work, the digital travel field being no exception.

Tour operators accustomed to doing business the “old school” way, whether they arrange tours via phone/email or track bookings manually in a calendar, face a conundrum. They might be waiting for their businesses to “take off” before upgrading their practices and implementing the services of a reseller like Musement, but there’s a catch-22: The upgrade just might be what their businesses needs to achieve the growth they desire. So, why not take a chance?

Here are three marketing tips to help you take your travel business to the next level, and how resellers like Musement can help you grow.


1. A data-driven analysis is key to understanding your potential targets and segmenting your promotions online, so look at the numbers!

From Google Analytics to WordPress Site Stats to monitoring the social networks to keyword research, numbers are crucial to understanding not only who is traveling where, but also the type of products that your potential market is searching for.

This valuable data helps you narrow down the markets and zone in on the most promising ones, helping ensure that, say, Londoners buy your bike tour in Berlin or that New Yorkers book your food tour in Copenhagen.  Even better, resellers have many data tools at their disposal, and a specially dedicated team will work on tailoring your activity to appeal to these key markets.


2. Gradually build your marketing strategy to include additional distribution channels

Start simple and just see what’s selling, then think big and strategize to not only sell more, but to understand why certain products sell and how other products can be as successful. You want customers to not only return, but to help you generate new business via word of mouth.

Think bigger with search engine marketing campaigns that push your ads to the top of a search for a certain product. Don’t have the funds? A reseller, who wants to sell your product, usually budgets for these campaigns, so let them spend on you.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of affiliation networks with websites and influencers who might receive a percentage of sales they send your way, or whom you could invite to participate in one for your activities in exchange for a mention on their Instagram feed. Resellers already have both relationships and partnerships of this nature.


Get research-backed insights into how to create a balanced distribution strategy:

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3. Your content is still king and don’t overlook SEO

When people search Google for travel experiences like the ones you offer, you want them to find you! Do some research: Type your service (i.e. “Segway tour of Rome”) into Google and see what’s out there.


Yes, it is most certainly possible to get yourself to the top of Google’s first page organically through keyword research and content optimization, but that’s only half of it. When potential customers land on your page, you want the content to appeal to them. To entice them. You want them to know that this is the activity for them and, most importantly, you want them to book it. Yes, the SEO legwork takes a lot of time, but it will go a long way.

Resellers put a lot of resources into this department to ensure that organic search ranks just as high as the aforementioned paid marketing campaigns. 


Grow your distribution channels to drive more bookings this season.

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Claudio Bellinzona

Published by Claudio Bellinzona

Claudio is COO and co-founder of Musement, a digital travel companion and personal concierge for travel activities around the world. He is well-known for his digital media expertise and has co-founded a publishing and well-known restaurant guide.

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