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Reducing tourism’s carbon footprint

Reducing tourism’s carbon footprint

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There are small ways that companies can reduce their carbon footprints, such as vehicle type and energy usage. There are destinations who have taken extreme measures to offset their carbon footprint and become self-sustainable. 

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Zermatt is Switzerland’s most self-sustaining winter resort. How did it all begin?

When cars arrived in Switzerland, Zermatt decided to stay engine free. Instead of cars, electric vehicles run here. The people of Zermatt have voted three times (1961, 1972 & 1986) that they would like to adhere to this regulation.

But, traffic is not the only ecological factor in the world-famous tourist resort. 70% of our energy comes from hydropower, and numerous buildings and mountain railways are built
sustainably. Zermatt looks back on a history in harmony with nature. Pioneers of tourism have recognised the beauty of the mountains and their attraction and have built a tourist resort whose strength, in addition to hospitality, is the natural treasures of the surrounding mountain world. It is a conscious decision to take care of the environment so that future generations will also experience the uniqueness of nature.

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How does Zermatt Tourism engage and educate businesses to continue being sustainable?

The will for a sustainable strategy is anchored in the people of Zermatt. Zermatt Tourism does not make any regulations - the decisions are left to the companies alone. But, many
people know that nature is our capital and that it is therefore appropriate to treat it with care.

We are always proud of new projects. The latests project is the station of the new and energy-efficient Matterhorn glacier ride. It will be equipped with a powerful solar system, the highest one in Europe (3821 metres above sea level).

"Many people know that nature is our capital and that it is therefore appropriate to treat it with care."

Is sustainability and reduced carbon emissions a USP for Zermatt as a destination?

Yes, Zermatt is the most sustainable winter holiday resort in Switzerland. The destination takes care of nature and handles resources with care so that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of nature. That is definitely our unique selling point.


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