4 tips to help you better manage your rental equipment

4 tips to help you better manage your rental equipment

Published by Nicole Kow on Jun 6, 2016 | 2 minute read

If you run an equipment rental business, it should be your top priority to reduce downtime of your equipment. You want to rent it out as much as you can, for as long as possible. But to make this possible, you need to make sure that your equipment is in tip-top shape and that it is properly managed to ensure that it continues to work spectacularly. 

We've got 4 simple tips to help you manage your rental equipment.


1. Manage your risk, get insured

The truth of the matter is this: your customers are your biggest risk. As much as you need them to turn up and rent your equipment, they are also very capable of breaking something or losing your equipment: your main asset. 

There are various business equipment insurance packages you can look into. I would recommend checking out Simply Business to get a rough idea of what is available in the market. 



2. Regular maintenance is key

This is probably a no-brainer, but also a good reminder. You need to make sure that your equipment is fixed as soon as you notice something is not working right. It's also important to maintain the appearance of your equipment. That is, after all, something that your customers are also paying for. 


3. Make sure your rental terms are crystal clear

Spend some time communicating to your customer the terms and conditions of renting your equipment. Be sure to highlight the following:

  • Make sure customers know how to use your equipment properly
  • What do you consider acceptable wear and tear?
  • Tell them who to contact if your equipment is faulty or if something goes wrong
  • What are the penalties involved if something is lost or damaged? 
  • When should they return your equipment? 

Head over to NOLO and Law Depot for free templates for equipment rental agreements.


4. Use the right management tool

You should also invest in an equipment rental management tool that helps you keep track what goes out, for how long, with who, when, and when it is expected to return.

Having a live inventory that's accessible at all times from any smart device will help you keep admin and reporting to a minimum, letting you focus on growing your business. 

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Published by Nicole Kow

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