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Published by Sara Napier Burkhard | Aug 23, 2017 | | 4 MIN READ

5 ideas to celebrate the end of the high season

This summer we've taken the time to write about how you can organize a successful high season. We've offered advice on everything from maximizing profits to re-engaging with past customers. But now it's time to think about how you'll bring this busy season to an end.

With the season coming to a close it's time to have a look at how much of a success the season has been for everyone involved. You've put in a lot of hard work this year and it only makes sense to take the time to celebrate your efforts. Here are some ideas to help you bring this season to a close. 

1. Thank your business partners

Your season's success is a big deal. It's something you can feel good about doing, but you also have to remember that success has come to you as a process. It's also come with help. From your team, your community, and your business partners. 

Remember to take time out to appreciate the business partners who've helped you in the last season. Gather some insights about how their partnership has resulted in you meeting your goals and share it with them. Even a quick email that shares this information could be enough, but if you really want to celebrate together, here are some ideas for your business partners: 

  • Send a 'thank you' card to their office. Have your whole crew sign it and include a nice team photo. 
  • Create a gift basket of some of your team's favorite snacks, wine, or even a few local gift certificates. 
  • Take their team out to dinner and celebrate continuing business in this successful partnership.

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2. Throw a party

Of course the best way to celebrate a successful season is to hold a party or event. You can host it at your office and provide all the refreshments or simply hold it in a trendy bar and have your company offer discounts on the drinks. It can even be an old fashioned cocktail party. Whatever you decide, keep the atmosphere light and fun. 

Offer door prizes and gift bags to your attendees to thank them for coming. Invite as many people as you want to connect with but the most important people to invite are customers, business partners, and locals.  

Business partners feel good about the business they're connecting with. It also acts as promotion for them, as they can have their names on some of the freebies you're giving away. If they're a closer contact with stronger business ties to your company, you could even reach out for their help sponsoring the party or they could co-host it with you. 

Locals are a key group to focus on because they could be your future customers. Perhaps they've only heard of your company around town but never tried, or maybe this will be their first time hearing of you. The impression you leave with them and the face time you have with them could convert them into a customer. That's especially important because they are more likely to turn into a return customer in the future.  

Most importantly, your customers should be there. Afterall, they're the ones who've made this celebration possible. They will not only see that their business is appreciated, but having them there will work as word-of-mouth marketing because they'll be talking about it with their loved ones and social network.

group party

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

3. Reward your crew 

Do you remember what it was like to be on your community soccer team as a kid? At the end of the season, your coach would probably do something special to celebrate team members who really stood out or achieved some sort of record that year. If you're looking for a way to make your employees feel special, you could do something similar here. 

It might seem kind of cheesy, and it is, but nobody likes to see their hard work go unappreciated. By calling out your crew for their hard work during this very busy season, you could boost morale and increase productivity because your employees will feel like their effort matters. 

Come up with some unique superlatives like "most tours guided", "most sales", or "best customer relationships". Hold a company meeting and reward the team members with these titles. You could gift them a bottle of wine or gift voucher and if you want to fully commit to the award aspect of it, print out certificates. It doesn't have to be anything too complicated, just as long as it's sincere.   


4. Discounts and freebies 

We've written extensively about how discounts and giveaways can make your customers feel. One of the best ways to show your customers you appreciate them is by simply saying so. It's uncomplicated, gets the message across, and it means something to all parties involved.

Some companies approach this by mailing out 'thank you' cards or sending an email to their customer list offering a discount on another booking. If you really want to make your customers feel special, consider sending our a gift they could appreciate in their daily lives.

As nice as a magnet with your company logo is, it's not very practical. If you're sending a special gift to them with your logo, make it something useful like a coffee mug, beach towel, or even a pen. But remember, people won't get a good impression if the merch is cheaply made or has an unattractive design. Take the time to design something beautiful or just keep it as simple as you can and always try to buy from companies that make quality materials. 

thank you card

5. Set new goals for the next seasons

Our fifth and final tip to celebrate your successful season is to think about the future. The work is far from over, but these can be some of the most fun and productive times. You'll probably never feel more optimistic about your business than you do after some of your goals have gone well. Take this time to put that optimism on paper and plan into the next several seasons to guarantee successful months ahead. 


"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.-Paul J. Meyer



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