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Annual subscription agreements: 3 customer benefits

Annual subscription agreements: 3 customer benefits

May 7, 2019
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As with most services, subscription models for online booking systems continue to generate hot debates. Should you be paying your service provider on a monthly basis - or issue one payment per year?

Having implemented both methods during TrekkSoft's years of operation, we are the first to admit that there are pros and cons to each model. However, there are three particularly strong reasons - and mutual benefits - behind why we today implement annual subscriptions as part of our pricing plan

1. Partnership

At TrekkSoft, we see a one-year subscription agreement as a partnership.

Putting our customers at the forefront of what we do, their commitment and business journey puts us in an excellent place to develop solutions catering for their current needs as well as future challenges.



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12 months (plus!) of collaboration with thousands of businesses worldwide give us great industry insight. As well as creating a solid feedback dataset for product research and development, the time period also allows for long-term relationship building and deep understanding of our customers. 

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2. Financial forecasting

Paying a service provider once a year - as opposed to on a monthly basis - can give your company peace of mind knowing that you will not be affected by any immediate price increases. With a one-off payment, your annual bill is agreed and locked in - without subject to change. 



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An annual subscription fee also cuts out unexpected add-on bills relating to training and software support, which can be particularly high as we approach high season and when onboarding of new staff.

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3. Less administration

TrekkSoft was created to open up and optimise tour & activity companies' booking channels - but also to cut out admin. Therefore, it goes without saying that we want to minimise the maintenance of working together with us.

Processing those monthly invoices is part of the behind-the-scenes admin that may be taking up valuable time and focus from your core business - i.e. arranging and hosting memorable experiences for travellers around the world.

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Want to know what a subscription plan looks like for your business?

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Johanna Messer
Posted by Johanna Messer
Johanna is part of TrekkSoft’s marketing team. Before joining our Interlaken HQ, she worked in marketing & communications for newspapers in Sweden and the UK. On weekends you will find her hiking up a mountain or planning her next adventure.
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