Sara Napier Burkhard

Sara is a writer from the American West Coast. In recent years, she's written for companies like Hipmunk, iTourMobile and Mylikes. She now resides in Zurich, Switzerland where she finds new adventures and attempts to speak German with minimal success.

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4 ways to adapt your tours for Baby Boomers

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jun 15, 2017

Whether you know them as senior citizens or "super adults", the 65+ crowd is traveling now more than ever before. According to AARP, it was estimated in 2016 that most Baby Boomers are expected to travel at least a short distance for leisure within the next two years. Those numbers are expected to remain high well beyond 2020.

It’s looking like the Boomers are in the midst of their biggest travel boom. Now is the time to find out if your company is ready to offer an enjoyable experience for customers regardless of their age or ability level.

If you're not sure, not to worry. Here are some tips to help you offer a better travel experience for every customer that books with you.

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Practical ways to adapt your tours for disabled travelers

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on May 25, 2017

The joys of traveling should be accessible to anyone. It is one of life’s most enriching experiences. It helps us to experience something new that expands the way we view the world around us, and it could ultimately shape the way we live.

But not everyone can travel the same way. There is a lot that goes into planning a trip, tour or activity and for some, there are additional factors to consider. Every person has a different ability level, and there should be options to make it possible for all of us to share in the beautiful experiences that come with travel.

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The best advice from TrekkSoft customers on successful tours and activities

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on May 18, 2017

From tour operators to activity providers, we feel very fortunate to have so many talented, interesting customers from across the globe. From cityscapes to exotic destinations, it's always a pleasure to work with a variety of customers.

One of the most rewarding parts of what we get to do at TrekkSoft is having the opportunity to work with and learn from so many different industry professionals. From DMOs to tour operators, there's plenty of knowledge we can share. That's why we've put together this collection of advice from some of our favorite Spotlight articles.  

We hope it will give you some inspiration as we move into tourism's high season. 

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How to use upselling opportunities to increase your revenue

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on May 8, 2017

While tourism is all about experiences, sales are still important for any tour or activity company. Customer satisfaction is crucial, but sales numbers can't be ignored either. Increasing your revenue is sometimes as simple as offering a few extra features or services to your customers. 

Today, we're going to look at three examples that can help tourism professionals increase their income.

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Is it better to build or buy your booking solution?

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 28, 2017

The tourism market is crowded, so standing out is important. Sometimes the only thing that motivates a customer to choose you over a competitor is the convenience you can offer them. That's why whether you're a tour guide or activity provider, you need to offer a way for customers to book your services online.

But how do you choose a booking solution? You can build one yourself using a number of helpful tools. For some companies this is enough to bring them online. Or you could look into an all-inclusive package that helps you receive bookings, manage them, and streamline everything in your web presence. 

So, which is the right move for your company? Let's weigh the options.

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How to reach the growing Arabian travel market

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 27, 2017

One of the most important steps in building a business is figuring out your target audience. But your customer base in the tourism industry can be ever-changing. Particularly when it comes to the outbound market. 

As we've shared in previous studies and ebooks, trends and viral content can affect where people choose to travel. To be a successful tourism company, it's important to diversify as much as possible. So here are some insights about the growing Arabian travel market. 

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Calculate your bottom line with TrekkSoft's new savings calculator

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 20, 2017

It's an exciting time for businesses. There are so many software solutions available to bring you online and help simplify everything from your schedule to your bookings. But sometimes you need to see the benefits to know when it's the right time.  

At TrekkSoft, we regularly share our features and talk about how they can save you time, money and a few headaches.We've also written a comparison article between the most popular tourism booking solutions for tour and activity providers, but we didn't want to stop there.

Sometimes you need the numbers to tell the story. We know a lot goes into your decision to purchase any software.That's why we've created a new way for you to calculate what you could save by switching to a software like TrekkSoft.

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3 important steps to build a successful management strategy

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 18, 2017

Running a business is hard work. In the age of entrepreneurship, it can be easy to forget that good management skills don't come naturally to every business owner. For some, it requires a bit of education and for everyone, it requires a lot of practice.  

The cornerstone of that practice is in your planning. Managing your time, resources, team, and ideas will become second nature when a good strategy comes into play. Here are three steps that will help you go from disorder to smooth operations and ultimately build a management strategy that matters.

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Announcing TrekkSoft's new pricing plan

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 6, 2017

The TrekkSoft team is constantly looking for ways to improve our services. We value your opinion and that's why when something doesn't work, we listen. You spoke up about our pricing options and we realized there had to be a way to create better options for everybody. We are happy to announce a new pricing plan.  

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Increase bookings and gain better reviews on TripAdvisor [Ebook download]

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 3, 2017

TripAdvisor has been one of the most influential networks for the tour and activity industry in recent years. Companies of all sizes can benefit from joining the site. From guides to activity providers, you have the chance to build up an online space to generate positive reviews and unlimited selling potential.

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